ASUS Energy Supervisor

    ASUS Energy Supervisor

    ASUS Energy Supervisor is an ASUS-developed tool that calculates the total power consumption and shows related information such as the configuration of ASUS servers in cabinets.

    • Easy and quick installation: Users can have the software ready in one minute without the need of downloading extra software and tools.
    • Clear information: Users not only have the clear view of all server information in the cabinet but also a quick understanding of the power consumption status of all servers in the cabinet.

    ASUS Energy Supervisor is a very useful tool for MIS and SI when they are planning the power budget for server rooms.Click Hereto download the latest released version of ASUS Energy Supervisor S/W (V2.0).

    Version: V2.0
    Support Model:

    • UP E8/E7 model:
      1. RS300-E8 & RS300-E7
      2. RS100-E8 & RS100-E7
      3. RS100-X7
    • MP/DP E7 Model:
      1. RS920-E7 Series
      2. RS720Q-E7 Series
      3. RS720-E7 Series
      4. RS720-X7/PS4
      5. RS700-E7 Series
      6. RS700-X7/PS4
      7. ESC4000 G2