ASUS X99 Motherboards: Leading the way on a new platform

ASUS X99 Motherboards - they look great, trust us

Tested, Validated and Awarded. 56 Times and Counting.

Leading all competitors, the X99-Deluxe achieved 33 awards in its first month, with no end in sight. Coupled with the 23 awards earned by Rampage V Extreme, ASUS X99 Motherboards are the choice of editors around the world.

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The Technology

Close-up of ASUS X99 rear I/O with USB 3.1

World's First and Fastest USB 3.1 Motherboards

ASUS X99 Motherboards outfitted with USB 3.1 can deliver up to 10Gb/s transfer speed per port, while remaining backwards compatible with USB 3.0/2.0 devices. ASUS USB 3.1 X99 Motherboards feature USB 3.1 Boost to deliver performance far beyond competitors’ offerings.

Chart showing performance increases in USB 3.1 - up to 10Gb/s
Close-up of ASUS X99 CPU socket

More Cores Per CPU

Employing Haswell architecture, the Core i7-5960X, i7-5830K and i7-5820K usher in the new era multi-threaded performance. The 5960X is the successor to the 4960X, and has been upgraded to an 8-core design. The 5820K has received a core upgrade as well, now touting a 6-core design.

Intel Chipset Badges

A New Memory Standard

DDR4 architecture delivers a veritable "quadfecta" of upgrades, with potential for higher frequencies, transfer rates, density and stability – all at lower voltages. DDR4 is an essential piece of the new platform, a piece that has been optimized on ASUS X99 motherboards.

The Motherboards


Fully Loaded for Unmatched Performance

Ever the Swiss Army Knife of motherboards, the X99-Deluxe is loaded with features and accessories that make it the most versatile performer of the group.

  • Close-up of Digi+ chip on ASUS X99 motherboard

    5-Way Optimization

    The combination of automated overclocking, fan controls, power efficiency, digital power delivery and per-app customization have returned in full force with upgrades on the X99-Deluxe.

  • Close-up of Fan Xpert3 PCB included with ASUS X99 Deluxe

    Fan Xpert 3 with Fan Extension

    In addition to six onboard PWM-capable fan headers, the X99-Deluxe includes the new Fan Extension Card, which adds 3 more PWM-controllable fans & thermal sensors.

  • Close-up of PCIe M.2 card installed in ASUS X99

    PCIe M.2 x4, Two Ways

    The X99-Deluxe supports installation of up to two PCIe M.2 x4 SSDs (using the integrated slot and included PCIe card), delivering transfer speeds up to 32 Gb/s.

  • Close-up of CPU socket on ASUS X99

    OC Socket

    Patent-pending proprietary socket design enables higher DDR4 frequencies, lower latencies and enhanced stability while overclocking and is compatible with all Haswell-E CPUs.

  • Showing rear I/O and included Wi-Fi antenna with ASUS X99 Deluxe

    The Fastest Onboard Wi-Fi

    Integrating dual-band 3x3 802.11ac wireless featuring TurboQAM and Beamforming ensures systems built with the X99-Deluxe are ready to join the most advanced Wi-Fi networks.

  • Close-up of ASUS X99 Deluxe with Crystal Sound 2

    Crystal Sound 2

    Designed for gamers, Crystal Sound 2 combines a discrete hardware design with a comprehensive software package to deliver unbeatable audio.

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Rampage V Extreme

Take X99 to the Extreme

The overclocking champion has returned for the next round of record-breaking, with upgrades across the board, from cooling to storage to audio and beyond.

  • Close-up of SupremeFX 2014 Chip

    SupremeFX 2014

    Enthusiast and gamer collide on Rampage V Extreme, with SupremeFX discrete-caliber integrated audio available on a non-Formula motherboard for the first time.

  • Close-up of PCIe M.2 card built into Rampage V Extreme

    PCIe M.2 x4

    Supporting 2260, 2280 and even 22110 length PCIe M.2 SSDs, Rampage V Extreme delivers up to 32 Gb/s speeds and is compatible with a wide variety of drives.

  • ASUS BIOS Utility

    Ready for Tweaking

    Continuing the legacy of catering to every overclocker’s whim, Rampage V Extreme supports 4-way GPU configurations and includes the most robust UEFI to date.

  • Close-up of CPU socket on ASUS X99

    OC Socket

    Patent-pending proprietary socket design enables higher DDR4 frequencies, lower latencies and enhanced stability while overclocking and is compatible with all Haswell-E CPUs.

  • Showing rear I/O and included Wi-Fi antenna with ASUS X99 Deluxe

    Go Faster on Wi-Fi

    Onboard dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi delivers the fastest wireless performance, while keeping PCIe expansion slots available for large GPUs.

  • Close-up of Rampage V Extreme VRM

    Extreme Engine Digi+ IV

    Combining the most advanced VRM to date with new component selections ideal for Haswell-E characteristics, the R5E is well-suited for recording breaking.

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X99-E WS

Content Creators Need Look No Further

Prosumers demand both superior performance and long-term reliability and uptime. The X99-E WS was designed and created to emphatically fill both roles.

  • Intel Inside logos

    Part Server. Part Desktop

    The best of both worlds, the X99-E WS can accept Haswell-E desktop CPUs (with full OC support) as well as up to 14-core Xeon® processors*.

  • Close-up of the PCIe x16 slots on the ASUS X99-E WS

    True 4-Way x16

    With up to 88 total lanes (48 provided by the PLX8747), the X99-E WS is able to support True 4-Way x16 GPU or compute card configurations.

  • Close-up of 12k capacitors

    Maximum Uptime

    Incorporating superior components like 12k capacitors and fail-safe monitoring like ASUS Dr. Power, X99-E WS delivers unsurpassed reliability.

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*Xeon® CPU support may require UEFI update. Please visit to download the newest UEFI.

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