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Designed to dominate inside and out

Powered by ASUS

When was the last time you admired a fine piece of art?

Our Powered by ASUS partners deliver enthusiastic art in every PC that rolls off their production lines. They understand that perfect PCs start with the BEST hardware, and we partner with them because they take ASUS hardware to levels that lesser components and systems can only dream about: from small form factor dynamos to giant liquid-cooled beasts. Built to be the "BEST": (Breakthrough, Easy Setup, Stable, and Trusted), PBA systems combine cutting-edge ASUS hardware with industry-leading system architects and unmatched service, with you calling the shots from start to finish.


Accept All Challenges

Now in its 3rd incarnation, ROG's ATX gaming motherboard is highly optimized to be perfectly balanced for enthusiast-grade desktops created by ASUS PBA partners.

  • Intel Z170 Chipset.

  • New 6th Gen Intel Core Processors.

  • ROG SupremeFX 2015 Redefines Onboard Audio.

  • Intel I219-V Gigabit LAN. Ultra Stable. Best Compatibility.

  • Best Fan Controls - Period.

  • Intel chipset badge

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