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    Multi-purpose Combo Car Charger

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    Plug in Simple in-car Recharging!

    - Works with ASUS 90W, 65W, and 40W notebooks, ultrabooks, Eee PCs, Eee Pad, and even Padfone!
    - Simple and easy to use 12V lighter connection hooks up to device power adapter or USB for quick recharging
    - Comes with multiple plugs to suit diverse device types
    - Streamlined and compact to save space and cut out annoying cable messes
      Product Image

      Make better use of your time and take advantage of a car's readily available power to continue working on and charge up almost any portable device. Connect to the 12V lighter receptacle via the included plug set, attach either the device power adapter or USB port to the charger, and get where you're going while working and with the battery nice and full. Saves time, keeps devices performing on the road, and prevents awkward empty battery moments without forcing you to hunt around for a wall socket.

      Multi-purpose Combo Car Charger Details

      1. 90W Charger Kit
      2. Lighter-Plug Charger
      3. ASUS Pad 18W Charger Kit
      4. Multiple changeable plugs
      Compact and compatible with virtually all mobile devices: smartphones, notebooks, Eee PCs, ultrabooks, ASUS pads, and even Padfone!

      Slim easy-carry
      Highly portable
      USB device charger
      USB device charger
      Multiple plugs
      Multiple plugs

      *Wattage ratings for your device can be found on the power supply or product underside