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      VivoStick PC

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      ASUS VivoStick PC heralds a new paradigm for computing. This remarkable ultra-miniature ‘stick' PC is incredibly slim, compact and light with a modern, elegant fountain-pen-inspired design. VivoStick PC is your everyday essential choice, turning any HDMI-enabled TV or monitor into a full-functional PC for extra productivity and enjoyment.

      Stick PC QM1

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      ASUS Stick PC QM1 squeezes the power of a Windows PC into an ultra-small package that's small and light enough to fit in your shirt pocket. At just 11cm, ASUS Stick PC brings the PC experience to more places than ever before, turning any monitor or TV with an HDMI port into a computer which powers on your everyday essential that delivers daily productivity, HD entertainment, value, and convenience. more


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