I’m Zenny ZenPower Bumper ‏(ABUA001)‏

    I’m Zenny ZenPower Bumper (ABUA001)

    Enjoy the Protection and Join in the Fun!

    • Extra layer of tactile toughness to protect ASUS ZenPower 9600 or ZenPower 10050
    • Screen-printed ZenFone Zenny mascot, striking two different poses — Zenny Hello and Zenny Power
    • Available in two get-noticed colors — Blue and Yellow
      Product Image
      Protect your ZenPower now with I'm Zenny ZenPower Bumper, the light, bright and mighty soft-touch sleeve that oozes personality — with ZenFone mascot Zenny's happy high jinks on show in different energetic poses! I'm Zenny ZenPower Bumper is available for both ZenPower 9600 and ZenPower 10050, so just choose your color, slide in your ZenPower, enjoy the protection and join in the fun!