ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business



    Performance Optimized

    • 7L Space-saving and Flexible Design
    • Uncompromised Performance
    • USB3.0 : 10x Faster Transfer
    • 100% Solid Capacitors for Ultra Reliability
    • Improved energy saving with exclusive ASUS EPU technology
    • Multi I/O PCIE card(Optional)
    • F9 One Key Restore
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    7L Space-saving and Flexible Design

    Monitor Sold Separately

    7L Space-saving and Flexible Design

    With elegant lightweight and a front-to-back cooling airflow design, BT series can be placed vertically or horizontally to accommodate any business environments.

    Uncompromised Performance

    Powered by top-grade components and technologies, the ASUS Pro Series helps you easily multitask your office work. Models feature Intel® 2nd generation processors with powerful integrated graphics to best handle your workload.

    USB3.0 : 10x Faster Transfer

    Experience lightening speed data transfers at 4.8Gbps with USB 3.0 - the latest standard. USB 3.0 transfers data up to 10X faster than USB 2.0 while remaining fully backward-compatible.

    100% Solid Capacitors for Ultra Reliability

    ASUS Pro desktops are made with the world's best motherboards and solid capacitors. High-quality components provide utmost durability, improved longevity and enhanced thermal performance.

    Save energy with ASUS exclusive EPU technology

    The exclusive ASUS Energy Processing Unit (EPU) is the world’s first PC energy saving controller, optimizing efficiency by detecting real time CPU loads and improves efficiency in different usage types to boost system stability and expand product lifespan.

    Multi I/O PCIE card*

    The optional Serial/Parallel Multi I/O card is the ideal solution for serial equipment that require fast data transfer, and adding a second printer, scanner, or other parallel device. (*Optional)

    F9 One Key Restore

    With the F9 single click, you can use the recovery partition quickly restores your Desktop PC’s software to its original working state. (Copying your data files and making note of any customized configuration settings before using the system recovery partition are required.)

    100% Solid State Capacitors for Ultra Reliability