The Trusted Business Solution

    • Reliable: Subjected to stringent quality tests and comes with a built-in anti-shock hard drive and spill-proof keyboard
    • Security: Features smart card access, finger-print readers, and the optional TPM
    • Performance: Extreme performance; with the option to switch between UMA and discrete graphics depending on the task at hand for extended battery life or enhanced performance
    • User-friendly features: Eco-friendly battery with ASUS Xpress Charge; detachable docking station
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    ASUS B Series notebooks are designed specially for small to medium-sized businesses. With the B53 and B43 Notebooks, ASUS prides itself on providing quality-tested technologies and innovative business solutions.

    A stylish and professional design

    The Reddot award-winning B series’ black on black color scheme results in a subtle yet elegant design of contrasts. The horizontal lines on its brushed aluminum surface emphasize its width, while touchpad buttons are soft to the touch and deliver a responsive feel.

    Confidential data stays safe with ASUS ShockShield

    Anti-Shock Hard Drive motion sensors and additional anti-shock cushions alleviate the risk of the hard drive being damaged during transport—ensuring data stays secure and safe.

    Spill-proof keyboard

    Users no longer need to worry about spilling drinks on their notebooks with the B53 Series’ spill-proof keyboard

    Intelligent management

    The latest Intel® Core™ vPro™ technologies .ASUS B series comes with the latest Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. It reduces maintenance costs through remote configuration, diagnosis, isolation and repair. It also intelligently guards against viruses and reduces energy consumption.

    The worry-free security solution

    ASUS B series notebooks are designed to protect and keep confidential data safe. Smart card access, finger-print readers and the optional TPM ensure that only authorized users have access to important files. In the event of a theft, Intel® Anti-Theft technology with Computrace® LoJack® for Laptops can help recover the notebook; while ASUS Secure Delete lets the user delete all confidential data.

    Connect up to 3 displays

    The ASUS B43/53 Series’ single GPU is able to simultaneously support up to 3 independent display outputs for increased productivity. It facilitates multitasking through an expanded visual workspace and can benefit the healthcare, broadcasting and banking and financial industries.

    Outstanding performance, outstanding battery life

    ATI Switchable™ Graphics perfectly balances performance and battery life. The integrated graphics processor is used when performing basic tasks like surfing the net or email, with the GPU being utilized when the user plays videos or runs graphic-intensive applications like photo-editing tools. This optimizes visual performance for the task at hand while at the same time maximizing battery life.

    Presentations made easy with ASUS Scene Switch

    ASUS Scene Switch lets users easily switch wallpapers, mute settings, output modes, hide desktop icons and disable screensavers through a single hotkey—ensuring that they are presentation-ready at a touch

    Integrated business card holder

    Business card holder integrated in the notebook design

    Uncompromised, expansive connectivity

    The detachable docking station allows for the quick connection of peripherals, communication devices, and power cables.

    Eco-friendly battery with ASUS Xpress Charge

    Maintain peak performance for 900 charge cycles—more than triple the normal lithium ion battery life cycle , Quick charges to 90% capacity in just 90 mins*

    ASUS Commercial Notebooks are subjected to stringent quality tests

    Drop tested
    Hinge tested
    Pressure tested panels
    Anti-shock hard drive
    Anti-spill proof keyboard