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    A budget-friendly and extra-reliable notebook customized for SMBs

    Business made more productive and manageable
    • Powerful 3rd generation Intel® Core i5 3230M processors
    • Exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid EngineII with up to two-week standby and auto data backup when the battery drops to 5% charge
    Top ASUS reliability and quality
    • Extra-strict ASUS testing standards
    • Tough anti-shock hard drive protects your data
    • Spill-resistant keyboard withstands occasional beverage mishaps
    Easier and more comfortable productivity
    • Built 47% bigger than standard notebooks , the multi-gesture touchpad supports easier input
    • Fatigue-free visual enjoyment with anti-glare screens
    • ASUS Asset Tag Manager helpswith more efficient IT and admin
    • ASUS SecureDelete completely removes confidential files
      Product Image
      the ASUSPRO P Series

      ASUSPRO P Essential notebooks are designed to support small to medium-sized businesses with affordable yet-fully featured PCs for work and productivity, especially for enterprises who do not wish to maintain a managed IT environment. They offer complete reliability, meeting much higher industry standards then other notebooks in drop tests, hinge cycle tests, and panel pressure testing. ASUSPRO P Essential notebooks use anti-shock hard drives and spill-resistant keyboards. They make working more comfortable with anti-glare screens and bigger multi-gesture touchpads. Easier productivity is powered by new 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors, while exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II delivers up to14-day standby. Data gets backed up automatically when the battery drops to 5%, and for greater security ASUS SecureDelete completely removes confidential files. Simple to use yet completely effective, ASUSPRO P Essential notebooks are the ones to choose for resource-savvy businesses on the path to growth.

      Product features

      Product features
      3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors
      Product features
      Extra-strict ASUS reliability testing standards
      Product features
      Tough anti-shock hard drive protects your data
      Product features
      ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II - up to 2 weeks of standby time
      Product features
      47% bigger multi-gesture touchpad
      Product features
      ASUS Secure Delete Completely removes confidential files

      Make your business more professional and reliable

      ake your business more professional and reliable

      ASUSPRO Series professional dark color-schemes with durable hairline finish

      All ASUSPRO notebooks use elegant dark color schemes, maintaining a distinguished, professional, and consistent look. Elegant hairline-treated materials double as an aesthetic touch and added durability even during prolonged use.

      Top ASUS reliability testing standards

      ASUSPRO P Essential Series notebooks are subjected to stringent quality trials that surpass industry standards, surviving grueling drop tests, hinge test cycles, and panel pressure testing.

      Enhanced drop testing
      More than double the drop height of standard notebooks

      Strengthen hinge testing
      Passes an additional 20,000 open/close hinge cycle tests

      Enhanced pressure testing
      Up to 20% higher endurance compared to normal notebooks

      Spill-resistant keyboard
      Occasional beverage accidents are no longer a problem

      Spill-resistant keyboard withstands occasional beverage spills

      The ASUSPRO P Essential Series resists beverage-related accidents with custom keyboard assembly providing added protection for vital notebook components against liquids, meaning greater peace of mind and lasting durability.

      the ASUSPRO P Series

      Anti-shock hard drives protect data

      Your business information is of critical importance, and so ASUSPRO P Essential Series storage keeps it safe. Hard drives are bolstered by dedicated shock-absorbing guards to ensure higher survivability in the event of drops, bumps, and other possible shock-related damage. From being placed in checked luggage to moving about town, data stays safer with tougher storage.

      Anti-shock hard drive

      Tough anti-shock hard drive
      protects your data

      Anti-shock hard drive

      Shock-absorbing hard drive cushions reduce potential damage

      Better productivity and streamlined management

      Powerful processors

      Powerful new generation Intel processors

      Powerful 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors. With or without managed IT environments, professionals can implement added security alongside intelligent performance. The ASUSPRO P Essential Series incorporates 3rd generation Intel® Core processors to deliver amazing performance and include manageability, graphics, and connectivity-enhancing technologies.

      Up to two weeks of standby time and auto data back up when battery charge drops to 5%

      ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II

      With exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II, ASUSPRO notebooks can remain in standby mode for up to two weeks, twice longer than conventional notebooks. Also, real time battery life detection prevents data loss, backing up work as soon as the battery drops to 5% charge, so your data is always safe.

      *Actual standby time may vary due to specific component performance, connected devices, and environmental differentiation

      Get business done with greater comfort and ease

      Comfortable viewing with anti-glare screens

      Comfortable viewing with anti-glare screens

      Matte screen materials prevent unwanted reflections to reduce eye fatigue. They also stop unsightly fingerprint smudges for more attractive presentations. To prolong productivity, ergonomically-angled and textured palm rest areas provide a pleasant and solid feel so you can keep working without slowing down

      47% bigger multi-gesture touchpad

      ASUS SecureDelete- easy permanent sensitive
      data removal

      An easy-to-use interface allows you to permanently remove confidential data from the recycle bin. Simply launch SecureDelete and drag and drop files you want erased without a trace.

      47% bigger multi-gesture touchpad

      Easier to use and more precise input, with scroll, rotate, and zoom

      47% bigger multi-gesture touchpad

      The touchpad has been enlarged to 104mm x 61mm, matching the screen ratio for an attractive look. It measures 47% bigger than touchpads on similar notebooks from other brands, and supports responsive and accurate multi-touch control. With more gestures detected, it effectively replaces the mouse, offering an intuitive input option. Multi-touch input allows effortless accuracy without a mouse, including two finger web page scroll, image zoom/rotate, and three finger tapping to mimic a right-click. Workflow is streamlined with gesture control, especially multi-step tasks such as presentations and research projects.

      47% bigger multi-gesture touchpad
      47% bigger multi-gesture touchpad

      Easier login through facial recognition

      ASUS SmartLogon software allows secure logins to Windows with digital face recognition, a safer and more convenient alternative to passwords. The technology works in different light conditions, and even when users are wearing headgear. Accounts can be quickly created with a custom photo and password plus easy one-scan authorization.

      Easier login through facial recognition

      Green ASUS

      ASUS leads the industry in eco-friendly processes, minimizing environmental impact with an initiative dubbed Green ASUS. It covers four areas: green design, green manufacturing, green procurement, and green services. With every product designed and made, ASUS stays focused on safeguarding our planet and habitats.

      Green ASUS