The ASUS AP1600R-S5 supports dual Intel® Xeon™ 3.06GHz+ processors, 12GB DDR Memory and 4 hot-swap SCSI HDD in 1U chassis.

      The Most Powerful Dual Intel® Xeon™ 1U Server
      Is it possible to put dual Intel® Xeon™ processors in 1U chassis? ASUS makes it possible ! With advanced technologies, ASUS resolves the critical thermal problems, makes the AP1600R the most powerful and reliable 1U server in the market. With dual Intel® Xeon™ processors, up to 12GB system memory, twe Gb LAN and 2 PCI-X expansion slots, the AP1600R provides the highest performance and the most powerful communication, storage, and expansion capabilities in a 1U rack mount server.

      No CPU Fan in System
      Eliminate system crash caused by CPU fan failures

      Large System Memory Capacity
      Up to 12GB DDR RAM with ECC

      Dual Intel® Xeon™ CPU in 1U Chassis
      Space saving with powerful performance.

      Strong Input/Output Capability
      Two 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN
      Dual channel Ultra 320 SCSI controller
      Supports 4 hot-swap SCSI HDDs

      Powerful Expansion Capability
      Two 64-bit PCI-X expansion slots provide the most poweful expansion capability in 1U servers.

      System level packing
      Rack mount accessory kit included
      ASUS Server Management S/W included
      Trend Micro® ServerProtect anti-virus software full user version included

      AP1600R-S5 accessory-- AZCRB

      The AZCRB board, an exclusive SCSI RAID daughter board for the ASUS AP1600R 1U server (533 MHz FSB series), utilizes the motherboard's SCSI controller and connector to link up to the SCSI hard disks, significantly providing high-performance, affordable and reliable SCSI RAID functions for enterprises.

    • Zero Channel RAID (ZCR) storage daughter board
    • Requires motherboard daughter board connector supporting LSI Logic SCSI interrupt steering logic and one LSI53C1030 dual-channel or LSI53C1020 single-channel Ultra320 SCSI controller
    • 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI
    • Intel® GC80303 integrated I/O processor
    • Integrated 64 MB ECC SDRAM cache memory
    • ACPI support
    • RAID Features
    • RAID levels 0, 1, 5 supported
    • Background initialization for Quick RAID 5 setup
    • 40 logical drives per controller
    • Auto resume during array rebuild or reconstruction if the system shuts down
    • Variable stripe size for all logical drives
    • Supports multiple caching policies on a Logical Drive basis:
      – Write-back/Write-through, Read ahead: Disable/Enable/Adaptive, and Cached/Direct I/O
    • Fault Tolerance
    • COD - Configuration On Disk and NVRAM
    • Auto detection of failed drives
    • Automatic and transparent rebuild of hot spare drives
    • Hot swapping new drives w/o bringing system down
    • Support for battery backed
    • Support for SAF-TE enclosure management
    • SMART support
    • Online Management Utility
    • Power Console® Plus for Windows NTR/2000/XP/203
      – Creates and manages multiple disk arrays and controls and monitors multiple RAID servers
    • MegaManager
      – Advanced character-based configuration and management utility for all OSs supported
    • Pre Boot Configuration Utility
    • WebBIOS™
      – Browser-based BIOS configuration utility for point-and-click MegaRAID configuration
    • Hot key "Boot-up" configuration via BIOS
      – Array and logical drive configuration utility at the BIOS level

    • *Note: Asus Combo Drive is required when installing OS & Application Systems