Best Performance and Most Reliable High-End Server

    ASUS introduced its newest generation of dual Xeon® based AP1700-S5 server system, which stacked on the newly announced ServerWorks' GC-LE chipset to support system bus of 533MHz. AP1700-S5 incredibly is capable of accommodating the Xeon DP 3.06Ghz+ CPU, the fastest Xeon CPU available from Intel.

      Demonstration of a Best Performance and Most Reliable High-
      End Server From ASUS

      Dual Intel Xeon™ Performance Server
      Supports dual Intel Xeon™ processors over 3.06GHz+

      Large System Memory Capacity
      Up to 12GB registered DDR RAM with ECC

      Strong Input/Output Capability
      2 x 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN
      Dual channel Ultra320 SCSI controllers
      Supports 6 hot-swap SCSI HDDs

      High Reliability
      Standalone server or 5U rack mount server, up to the applications
      Both foot stand and roller wheels in standard package

      Powerful Expansion Capability
      5 x 3.3V/64bit/133MHz PCI-X slots
      1 x 5V/32bit/33MHz PCI slot

      Optional Rack Mount Kit
      System level packing
      ASUS Server Management S/W included
      TrendMicro™ ServerProtect anti-virus software full user version for enterprises