Real Server-Class Solution for Rackmount and Pedestal Systems!

    Streamline DIMM slot design lower air resistance
    Sufficient slots with value added management card expansion capacity.
    Reliable and aggregated network connection secured by dual server class PCIe Gb LAN
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      Real Server-Class Solution for Rackmount and
      Pedestal Systems!

      Immediate CPU Performance scale up
      Support Intel Pentium D dual core Process

      Leading-edge speed for performance with ECC memory Protection
      Support DDR2 533 / 667 ECC Un-buffered memory

      Complete RAID support for ICH SATA port & discrete SCSI / SATA controller
      Built-in LSI Mega RAID SATA driver support for ICH7R
      Provide software RAID 0, 1, 10 under Windows and major Linux distributions.
      P5MT / SCSI also support LSI integrated RAID, which support RAID0, 1,E

      Superb network performance and reliability with server connectivity
      Dual PCI-E Gb LAN interface with server features

      IPMI2.0 ready with online & offline management capability
      Optional Mini-PCI ASMB 2 card
      Support SOL, 128bit MD5 authentic encryption, FRU data management, remote power on/off & reset, remote BIOS reflash/modify
      GUI-based ARC console as ASMB2 centralized management interface
      ASMB2 provide online web-based interface for server management

      P5MT-M Specification


      Intel® Pentium4 LGA775


      Intel®E7230 + Intel® ICH7R


      DDR2 533/ 667 ECC/ Non ECC
      Un-buffered, Max up to 8GB


      2 x PCI-E X8 (x8, x4 link)
      2 x 32bit PCI
      Mini PCI socket for ASMB2 card

      On-board Chip

      2 x Broadcom® BCM5721 PCI-E Gb LAN

      Board Size

      9.6" x 9.6" ; Micro ATX