1U Server for High Performance Computing

    ASUS RS160-S5 server is designed for High Performance Computing. Featuring with green design and latest technology, the server delivers the best cost/performance choice for cluster and various computing-extensive applications.
      1U Server for High Performance Computing

      Boost Performance with Industry-leading Technology
      With 1600MHz Front Side Bus to speed up I/O and 8 Fully Buffered-DIMMs for larger memory addressability, RS160-S5 can handle heavier workload
      Built with PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot for high speed Infiniband connections

      Energy-Saving with ASUS Unique Green Design
      Equipped with 90% power efficiency board, RS160-S5 delivers high performance in energy-saving way
      Low voltage 1.55V FB-DIMM provides high computing capability while consumes less power

      Longer Life and Higher Reliability with All Conductive Polymer Caps
      RS160-S5 is built with all conductive polymer capacitors to provide better durability, electronic conductivity and longer lifetime
      All conductor polymer capacitors will reduce energy loss and have better thermal characteristics

      Quad Server Class LAN Improves Data Transfers
      Built-in Quad-LAN with a "teaming" technology integrates four high-speed Gigabit LAN ports into a single one to provide almost four times transferring bandwidth than ever
      Provide "fail-over" function: if one or more port are disconnected, the networking connection will not be affected immediately
      The four ports can be used in individual sub-nets to provide secure data and smooth transfers