Mainstream High Speed 1U Computing Node

    RS500-E6/PS4 supports the Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series platform and 12-DIMM slots to provide high memory scalability. Featuring high power efficiency and storage capacity, it offers outstanding performance in mainstream high speed computing nodes.
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      Mainstream High Speed 1U Computing Node

      Mass Storage Capacity with Complete RAID Solution

      RS500-E6/PS4 has four 3.5” hot-swap HDD bays to support SATA or SAS HDDs up to 4TB, meeting the demand of mass storage. The hot-swap design is reliable for 7x24 non-stop services. With ASUS optional PIKE upgrade kit, the server is able to provide flexible RAID choices.

      Optimal 1U Placement & Multiple I/O Expandability

      Optimal front “Parallel-Balance” design not only provides effective cooling for the system but also makes support of two Full-Height I/O expansion cards available.

      RS500-E6/PS4 provides default expansion solution as 1 PCI-E G2 x16 (x8 link) slot and 1 PCI-E G2 x8 (x8 link) slot for high speed connection.

      80+ System Power Efficiency

      With 80+ PFC high efficiency power supply, RS500-E6/PS4 is able to reduce the power loss and power consumption, and save power bill for users, which can be a large deal for 7x24 hour non-stop servers. The EPU (Energy Processing Unit) engine will provide optimal and effective CPU power management.

      Virtualization Support

      The onboard vertical USB connector for VMware ESXi supports virtualization application in RS500-E6/PS4. Virtualization not only improves the server’s utility rate and manageability, but also reduces hardware cost and power consumption for customers.

      High Quality Components

      The ASUS 6-Phase power and 3-Phase memory power design reduces input ripple current and output ripple voltage, which keeps CPUs and power modules from suffering the risk of high power stress. All Japan-made 5000hr ultra durable conductive polymer capacitors onboard provide durability, improved lifespan, and enhanced thermal capacity.