Duo Nodes with Independent Power Supply in 1U Server

    Supporting Intel® Xeon® 5500 series processor, RS700D-E6/PS8, the dual 2-Processor systems provide extreme performance for customers with 4-way, 16-core computing capability in 1U. The design of 1~8 hot swap 2.5” SATA/SAS HDDs support is space-saving with its normal form factor.

    Genuine Duo Nodes with Independent Power Supply in 1U Server

    True Duo Nodes in 1U with Two Independent Power Supply

    RS700D-E6/PS8 is designed with dual DP system in 1U chassis for high dense computing, with each as an independent computing node. Different from other solution in the market, the RS700D-E6/PS8 has two independent power supplys for high availability and individual system maintenance, even if one power supply fails, the system still keeps running.

    Extreme System Power Efficiency

    With current trends leaning towards power efficiency, the RS700D-E6/PS8 is equipped with the ASUS exclusive EPU technology, which intelligently calibrates the best possible settings to ensure the best power management. The two 80+ PSU further saves power and reduce heat dissipation.

    Top-notch Storage Bay Design

    The RS700D-E6/PS8 supports 4-bay 2.5” HDDs per node and 8 HDDs in 1U chassis in total, which delivers mass storage capacity and integrated RAID functions for customers. With optional PIKE riser kit, the server is able to provide more flexible RAID choices for reliable data protection.

    High Quality Components for Great System Reliability

    The ASUS 6-Phase CPU power and 3-Phase memory power design provides support to 95W CPU, reduces input ripple current and output ripple voltage, which keeps CPUs and power modules from suffering the risk of high power stress.

    RS700D-E6/PS8 utilizes all Japan-made 5000hr ultra long life conductive polymer capacitors, which can sustain 57 years at 65?.

    Designed for Virtualization

    Virtualization provides central management, reduces power consumption, cost for cooling and management effort for users. The RS700D-E6/PS8 is able to provide excellent virtualization applications with VMWare certification. The onboard vertical USB connector is designed for integrated hyperviser for easy deployment, allowing the full use of system resources and reducing TCO and IT expenses.

    Together with high capacity native DDR3 memory support, separate power supplys for two nodes and latest technologies, the RS700D-E6/PS8 is well-equipped to deliver top-notch solutions for HPC applications.