TS mini

    TS mini

    Store, Share, and Secure Your Digital Life

    TS Mini is powered by Intel Atom processor and based on Microsoft Windows Home Server Platform for simplified and familiar user interface to help users manage, protect and access their digital content. TS Mini features 2GB DDR2 memory, 10/100/1000Mbs Gigabit Ethernet, massive storage capacity with up to 4TB hard drive storage capacity, exclusive 500GB Web storage spaces, and 6 USB ports and 2 eSATA ports for future expansion.
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    Store, Share, and Secure Your Digital Life

    Backup and Restore

    As a data management center, the TS mini will back up to 10 home computers external storage center daily and automatically. If home computers break down, users can easily rescue and restore entire computers or individual file or folder to a previous point in time. If there are multiple copies of the same data on different computers, the data would only be backed up once to maximize space efficiency.

    Folder Duplication

    When two hard drives are installed in TS mini, the share folder duplication function helps to prevent a single hard drive failure by automatically duplicates files in Share Folders across multiple hard drives, so when one hard drive is dead, the other still stays safe.

    Remote Access

    With the Remote Access function, you will receive a personalized Windows Live™ Internet address to remotely access files or upload files to your TS mini from any internet connected computer. You can also remotely streaming and share music and photos with friends and family and enjoy their music and videos from TS mini at home to any internet connected computer.

    Media Streaming

    TS mini extends your digital media experience by simultaneously streaming photos, music, video contents and other digital media contents to multiple computers, media receiver boxes, and games consoles such as Xbox360 or Playstation3.

    WebStorage Service

    Besides the hard drive storage capacity, TS mini also provides one year free 500GB online storage. You can backup and synchronize data from home server to ASUS Web Storage for redundant security. Moreover, you can start BT download task to your WebStorage even when you are away from home; and generate a personal website link to publish home server files on Facebook, twitter and so on.

    Xtor Manager

    With ASUS exclusive Xtor Manager, you can directly backup, synchronize and manage your files and folders between external USB and eSATA storage devices and TS mini. TS mini offers the greatest number of external interface, 6 USB ports and 2 eSATA ports for you to simply plug in a new hard drive to add space.

    ASWM Management

    ASWM, real-time system health monitoring tool, helps users to monitor online and system status of TS mini, including fans, temperature, disks, drives, network, memory and CPU. Once errors occur, the system will instantly send error report to pre-configured email.

    Add-in Service

    Beyond the pre-install functionality, users can extend the productivity and efficiency by customizing their TS mini through add in software available in the categories of entertainment streaming and sharing, home automation, power management, mobile phone solutions and home based business solution.

    Energy Star 5.0 Certified

    TS mini has passed the international standard Energy Star 5.0 certification for its ultra energy efficiency design. Under idle and active mode, it only consumes 24.5W and 27.9W perspective, which makes TS mini ideal for an “always on” home data center.