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Human of ASUS

When you see a product that's already out in the market, chances are you're not aware of the ideation, processes, and effort to create and deliver the device. The people at ASUS devote time, resources, and passion to deliver the best products to the market. When you see a finished ASUS product it is the result of many individuals and teams working together. I'm in global PC marketing strategy and planning, where we work with the PC business unit, product managers, sales, and our colleagues in branch offices all over the world to create global marketing strategies. Additionally, we collaborate with top-tier vendors and digital marketing partners to help us connect to the world. All of these teams work, together, to promote our products, and help people understand and try our devices. Furthermore, customers learn how ASUS can help with their work, and become a meaningful part of their lives. ASUS is passionate about technology and driven by innovation. We dream, dare, and strive to create an effortless and joyful digital life for everyone.
What I like most about working at ASUS is the openness to new ideas. Employees are allowed the freedom to be innovative. We're always trying something new and different to make things better. If you have cool suggestions and convince the right people about your interesting ideas, you can really influence products. It's the most rewarding thing. It's gratifying to work with engineers and different experts on various components. In my position, I get to learn the many backstories, and product details that most don't see or hear. The most fun thing about working at ASUS is seeing the latest products come to life, bit by bit, piece by piece. And everyone does her or his part to iron out the little kinks. Seeing things progress from a tiny idea to an actual product is amazing. It's incredible, for a geeky nerd like me, to have access to all the secret stuff, and know what's going on in the industry, too. We produce really cool products!
It takes many of us, doing a lot of work, to bring every product to the market. One person cannot do it alone. At ASUS, a great product requires R&D, product design, and quality testing teams, as well as a strong sales team to smoothly launch products into an competitive marketplace. At ASUS, all processes are seamlessly integrated, by teams working together, so users see and feel a high level of quality, craftsmanship, and performance in every ASUS product. These qualities are all part of our ASUS brand value. As a product manager, I think about products from inception to launch. It is important for me to have passion, and prioritize wisely, in order to smoothly bring products to consumers in the best way. It is a thrill organizing, and mobilizing all product-launching teams. At ASUS, product success is the responsibility of more than just one person. It is my honor to be a part of our brilliantly successful teams. We have the passion, and it shows in our products.
I joined ASUS three years ago in the UK office. I've had great experiences, met many of people, and learned a lot about our industry. Now, I'm at ASUS HQ, where I enjoy working with an incredible variety of people from across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. My experiences in the UK office have helped me to understand and relate to local counterparts. Today, I'm in a position, where I contact our local teams, which is a complete role reversal for me. I really like that I have knowledge of both sides. In social media, we receive a lot of feedback from people, and we make time to reply and engage with them each day. The people at ASUS working together to achieve our goals, makes a big difference—not just in the industry, but in people's lives.
At ASUS, you'll learn something new every day. There are many opportunities for self-development, like the employee clubs. I joined the Incredible ASUS Toastmasters Club in 2017 when a friend at work invited me. Toastmasters is an international non-profit organization that promotes communication and public speaking skills. We have two active clubs, at ASUS, with members from different company departments. At Toastmasters, you can learn to improve your English-speaking skills, and grow leadership capabilities. ASUS employee clubs are a great way to make new friends, too. Furthermore, there are many work connections in club activities, and they relate perfectly to our daily work activities. As a non-native English speaker, the Toastmasters enriched my personal and professional life by helping me with presentations, leading projects, and working as a valuable team member. I’m glad we have this club, and others, at ASUS.
When I began working at ASUS I was assigned a mentor. It was invaluable to me, and I’m sure the company, too. Mentors shared their experiences, which helped guide me. You can learn a lot from mentors—and mentors can learn from you, too. Additionally, there are new web apps, where senior employees can share their experiences with new employees. The results are more opportunities for personal and professional growth, and possibly improved productivity. Working at ASUS gives you a lot of chances to work in various departments, such as mobile phones, laptops, and motherboards. You can develop many skills beyond just completing assignments. Learning from the great people at ASUS, who have been on the front lines of creative innovation, incredible design, and inspiring production is our strength, and mentors play an important role at ASUS. Mentors helped me, and continue to share their important lessons, today.
The tech industry is quite fast-paced, and very competitive. At customer service, our goal is to make consumers happy. Our team collaborates to work closely with other groups to resolve issues. We proudly share information across cultures, too. For example, the service model in Taiwan is unique to those in Europe, and the US. So, it is important to have a “human touch” in every customer case. To do that, our team works closely with regional teams to resolve issues based on needs. Customer service requires balancing many factors in an effort to manage appropriately for customer locations throughout the world. So even though our goal may be the same, we must be prepared to fulfill our customers’ needs in different ways. We also encourage teams to share best practices across cultures. This helps us to analyze issues and come up with the best possible solutions.
ASUS was my first post-college career. I felt by working at ASUS I would be able to make a difference—and that’s what HR does. My responsibility is corresponding with people by email. My only interviews are for the HQ team, or my team in EMEA. Usually, I interview several candidates to understand their career-path thoughts. I try to let them decide if ASUS is their right career fit. I have them think about where they see themselves in three years—and what they want to achieve. I really let them decide. Some will say, "I appreciate your advice. Let's talk about the job, because I want to be on your team. I want to be that pioneer." As an HR manager, that’s satisfying to hear. Guiding prospective candidates is what I do. In this way, I know that I’ve contributed in helping ASUS hire strong candidates, who are the best fit for the job.
As a graphic designer, I'm able to appreciate ASUS products from a graphic design standpoint. At the ASUS Design Center (ADC), we have many different kinds of designers, making it easier to communicate and share ideas. There is always a challenge to design products that are visually appealing to consumers. To do this, we must consider management's input for designs, observe big trends, as well as predict future trends. In this way, we are able to appeal to more people. I'm proud to say we do this well at ADC. I really like the VivoBook Series. It's getting more colorful, more youthful, and lets you share more of your personality, too. In the past, you may have thought laptops were just for work, or to increase productivity. While that's still true, laptops have become much more a part of our lives. Many people take their laptops to the café, and other places to work. Laptops have become part of our identity as well. Like your wallet, or pocketbook, you don't leave your laptop at home. It's become part of your wardrobe, or an accessory to your outfit. Today, a laptop can mirror your personality. I think the VivoBook has made this, and other breakthroughs, possible. I am very proud that ASUS products have helped develop closer relationships between technology and people.
I’ve been working at ASUS, in the Spanish office in Barcelona, for five years. I always wanted to see where all the great ideas originated. I was invited to join HQ after being inspired by the work of ASUS VPs, and its management teams. Working at HQ has been an inspiring experience. Chairman Jonney Shih has been one of the most influential people in my life at ASUS. He always has his mind set on transforming business in an innovative way. He knows, immediately, if he likes an idea, and just as quickly if that idea will work. The engineers at ASUS are also amazing—and they are as persistent as Jonney. Now, I'm involved in great projects like the ROG Phone. I see, first hand, how engineers work, address end users, and find successful product solutions. The more I’m involved in the process, the more appreciation I have for the way we do things at ASUS.

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ZenBook Pro Duo

ZenBook 13/14/15

ZenFone 6

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