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This was an incident that took in 2018 December when the thief had stolen my mother mobile. My mother is a housewife. We have been thinking that which mobile should we buy a reasonable where it's offers a variety numbers of feature since we have a low budget so we started saving for my mother mobile. My elder sister and father started some saving for to purchase the mother mobile. It's was those I was thinking that how to contribute into this. I had been start working to deliver newspaper in the morning time and afterwards when I was free from study I had been a internship type of work. Sometime I missed my college lecture, someday I had been scolded by my boss where I had been working as part time. The journey goes in this way day passes and time fly like a bird. College examination arrived I had scored an excellent marks. One day I was thinking that soon I had some amount of money to purchase a mobile for my mother. I was thinking now which mobile I had to purchase from the money I had. I had found a mobile named ASUS ZENFONE LITE L1 it had all kind of amazing feature that was required for my mother mobile. It had a 2GBRAM,16GB STORAGE,LTE AND DUAL SIM SUPPORT,5.5HD+ DISPLAY,3040mAh battery,5megapixel front facing camera and 13 megapixel back camera. I was amazed by this product but I found that the there was a some shortage of money to buying this phone after a month I remembered the date from which I had purchased this mobile from my mother from my FIRST SALARY and the date was 07-04-2019 from Flipkart. I had gift this mobile to my mother firstly she was shocked that and thinking that I had robbed someone mobile then I had tell the whole story. A smile on her face and tears on her eyes makes me happy. We had taken the first photo with this ASUS ZENFONE LITE L1. It was an amazing photo. Finally my family proud what I had done.