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The Asus Republic of Gamers Gl553VD Strix laptop will always bring back memories of one of the most stressful, nerve-racking and rewarding years of my life. Received as a birthday present during the month of August in 2017, I mostly used this laptop to play some light games such as Supreme Ruler. Soon school started and I used the laptop to complete homework. Anyway, here's some backstory, in 2017 I competed at the Bay Area Science Fair (BASEF) in Hamilton (quite close to Toronto). Here I was awarded a gold ranking and a trip to the Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF) in Regina, Saskatchewan. This experience was absolutely amazing. Despite not winning any awards I still had a blast and was proud of not only myself but the rest of the BASEF team. Fast forward to 2018, around early October 2017, I started to think about what I wanted to do for BASEF in 2018 (March). Let's just say I didn't have an idea at all. As you know, in August I received this Asus ROG laptop as a gift and wasn't playing too many games on it. But, I was still fascinated and finding new things about it (I used to tinker every single day with the RGB settings). So because I had not had an idea for the upcoming science fair I procrastinated, and boy did I ever procrastinate. On Christmas, I received both Battlefront 2 (I know pay to win) and Destiny 2. SO I played these games until the Start of February and I was like "wow". BASEF is less than 2 months away. I started thinking and fast, but then my idea came from no one other than my grandmother. A call with her realized a problem which she worried was if she fell and could not get up (later idea to add a medication reminder). I worked tirelessly often into the mere hours of the morning and still waking up for school and maintaining grades in the 90s. I also received help with a very talented programmer, teacher and the lead programmer of the Supreme Ruler Series (check his game on steam!). He helped teach me how to solder, and familiarize myself with programming in both Android Studio and with Arduino to build what I call Life Band. Life Band had a button which allowed you to send a signal to a device to send a programmed text message to 2 contacts and call one on a smartphone (contracts could be controlled on an app I made). I even almost had the medication reminder working until disaster struck. I was so tired I accidentally plugged the cheap Arduino into the wall and my laptop. This caused the Arduino to blow a fuse, but also damage my computer. My laptop would not be able to start up without crashing. But with its dying breath, I was able to boot into safe mode and retrieve my work, but losing my work on the medication reminder. I was devastated but recovered just in time for the fair. I was surprised by how the judges received my project. It was a huge success and I was awarded a trip to CWSF for the second year in a row (also a silver ranking)! Luckily Asus was able to fix my laptop quite quickly so I could resume working on my project. By the time CWSF came around, I had the medication reminder working as well. Sadly though, I did not win any award. But I did gain valuable knowledge and learn quite a bit about computers. I am extremely proud of Life Band and it was a huge success. I could not have done it without this laptop and I thank Asus for being able to deliver such an amazing product which could keep up with my sometimes ridiculous commands, but also for being able to fix my laptop quick enough so I could continue work on my project. Thank you, Asus for the memories which you have created!

Read my 2018 CWSF Report:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bXC7maiNAYVcPg1Px2g8zC7x47wUtEEl_w6mtT3CGvM/edit?usp=sharing