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Survive Laptop Shopping: Guide to Finding Your Perfect PC

Great tech matches your lifestyle so well, it feels tailor-made - everything from your usage habits to style choices inform your perfect PC pairing. So what's the ideal devide for you?

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Detachable or flippable: What kind of 2-in-1 device are you?

Choosing the right device to suit your lifestyle is no easy feat. It's more than just a gadget — it's your e-best friend. And just like your friends, your device has character. So which 2-in-1 device best fits your personality?

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Evolution of the Laptop: From Brick to Brilliant

From all 10.9 kilos of the Osborne 1 to the airy 1.18kg of the ASUS ZenBook UX305, the laptop has come a long way - and that wild journey includes some unexpected pit-stops.

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Techcessorizing: 4 ways the ASUS ZenBook completes your look

Boring black and glossy plastic — the standard-notebook landscape may look a bit mundane. But we realize that your laptop is just as much an accessory as your favorite tie clip or handbag, and that's why the ASUS ZenBook's distinctive concentric circle patterns and classically subdued metallic finishes right the fashion wrongs of its peers; it plays nicely with your apps, your Wi-Fi and your wardrobe.

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You Need More Than Just a Smartphone: What's Your Next Tech Gadget?

To maximise your connectivity and productivity, you need more than just a smartphone - power up with a choice that says "you".

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If you own one of these 6 small businesses, the ASUS Zen AiO Pro is perfect for you

Running your own business is no joke, and you need a computer that works as hard as you do. Whether your business centers around technology or not, a quality All-in-One PC helps you manage your day-to-day operations, serves as a digital home base and, ideally, has enough power and versatility to help you build your business, too. Enter the Zen AiO Pro, a super-stylish and powerful all-in-one PC that'll help you run your business and grow your bottom line.

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Laptop or desktop: What works for me?

Desktop computer sales surpass laptops by nearly 4 to 1, but when you get the itch for a new machine, choosing between the two can be a real challenge. On one hand, you've got the all-in-one desktop model, which integrates each of the system's internal components into one case. On the other, there are (convertible) laptops, which take advantage of mobile technology innovation and are typically just as affordable as their desktop counterparts. So how do you make the choice for your lifestyle? These six P's can help.

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Laptops for Dummies - A Tech Specs Cheat Sheet

Giga … huh? Buying a laptop can feel like learning a new language. Forget the jargon - here are the features you really need.

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Bring out your inner neat freak with the ASUS Zen AiO Pro

Between work, family and personal commitments, life can be busy enough — your desk shouldn’t have to be. Whether you’re a Sheldon Cooper type — and even your label maker’s label has its own label — or simply appreciate neatness, then the ASUS Zen AiO Pro is perfect for you. We designed the Zen AiO Pro to look sleek and streamlined and clear visual clutter – ready to satisfy your inner neat freak. The result? You’ll be able to get your job done quicker, easier and with less stress.

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Eye Candy ASUS Zenbook Features for the Designer in You

A beautiful workspace doesn’t just look great; it actually makes you more productive. Use your ASUS ZenBook to create a stunning view - wherever you are.

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Top 5 things new grads should know about ASUS laptops

Life after college is all about learning how to balance who you are with what you’ve learned. It’s a time to figure out that unique combination of personal strengths, qualifications, and motivating skills that’ll make you stand out from the millions of other people graduating beside you. And a big part of the adventure is deciding which tools will best help you along the way. Here are five things you may not have known about ASUS laptops that might just make your transition from school to the “real world” that much smoother.

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Work Hard | Play Hard with The ASUS TransformerBook T100

Gone are the days when you had to purchase a tablet for entertainment and a laptop for work productivity. The ASUS TransformerBook T100 combines the best features of both, giving you keyboard and computer functionality when you want it, and a detachable tablet for when you don't.

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