Eee Note EA800

    Eee Note EA800

    Write notes, read ebooks and record audio with

    • Make handwritten notes and sketches using the ultra-sensitive touch-screen
    • Instantly capture any kind of information, thanks to the built-in camera and voice recorder
    • Carry a complete library wherever you go, with an 10,000 ebook capacity and access to online ebook stores via built-in Wi-Fi
    • Choose from 42 templates that cater for every note-taking need and add personalised tags for the fast finding of information
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    Introducing the new Eee Note - a combined digital notepad and ebook reader with an ultra-sensitive touch-screen that's readable even in broad daylight.

    A highly-sensitive note-taking device

    The Eee Note digital notepad and ebook reader — a slim and lightweight handheld device that combines stylus-based handwriting capture with Microsoft Office document, PDF and multi-format ebook support.

    The Eee Note's 8-inch glass screen has a matte finish for smooth writing with the supplied stylus, while the ultra-sensitive digitiser captures handwritten notes and sketches in the finest detail. Images are displayed in crisp monochrome to mimic a printed page, and the non-backlit display remains clear even in bright daylight — unlike that of other similar handheld devices.

    remains clear even in bright daylight

    Wireless Ready

    Although capable of carrying a complete, personally annotated library within its slender 520g frame, the Eee Note also provides access to online resources like Wikipedia and ebook retailers via integral Wi-Fi. PC connectivity comes courtesy of USB, but built-in Evernote support ( also makes two-way synchronisation with other computers in the cloud a cinch. The long 13.5-hour battery life also means the Eee Note can last through even the longest days between recharges.


    Manage notes easily

    Up to 20,000 handwritten notes or 10,000 ebooks can be stored in the Eee Note's 4GB of internal memory, which can be further expanded using the external Micro SD Card slot. The integrated digital camera and voice recorder also allows other types of material to be captured with ease, making the Eee Note the ideal digital companion for everyone from students to business users.

    Up to 10,000 ebooks or 20,000 handwritten notes can be stored in the Eee Note's 4GB of internal memory