Eee Stick GMC-1

    Eee Stick GMC-1

    Get into the Swing of Gaming

    • So easy to use; Instant plug and play
    • Three control modes allows greater gaming experiences
    • Compatible with either a PC game pad, a mouse, or a keyboard
    • Up to 10 meters of wireless distance means more freedom in your play
    • Low power consumption allows users to enjoy 72 hours of continuous play
    • Game freely without angles restrictions
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    Point, punch, pitch and prod your way to a new dimension of gaming immersion with Eee Stick*, a Plug and Play wireless controller that instantly transforms your Eee Box, ASUS Notebooks or any other computer into a platform for full-fledged family fun.

    Plug and Play all day

    Everything about the Eee Stick oozes ?easy?, including setting it up. There's no CD to install, no complex user guide to read. Simply plug it in, and play! the Eee Stick consumes remarkably little power, enabling you to play continuously for 72 hours on just two AA batteries per controller!

    Experience gaming at its most moving

    The Eee Stick translates your hand motions into corresponding movements onscreen. It features 3 operation modes, allowing you to derive maximum fun from a wide variety of game genres:

    3D motion mode

    The 3D motion mode, which responds to and reproduces movement along all axes as well as wrist rotations, is ideal for playing sports, action and beat´em up games.

    Pointing mode

    The pointing mode focuses on aiming, and is hence perfect for First Person Shooters and light gun games.

    Tilt Mode

    The Tilt mode, which reproduces movement forward, backward and to the sides, lends itself well to racing and flight games.

    * Eee Stick bundle with selected ASUS Notebooks only.
    **Supported games are applicable for Eee Box/NB and Eee Stick bundle only.

    Don´t hold back

    A snapped cable can bring a great gaming session to a crashing halt. That's why the Eee Stick is fully wireless. The supplied broadcast dongle has a long range of 10m, ensuring that nothing will get in the way of your gaming.

    Create your own playstyle

    The Eee Stick is fully compatible with other PC gaming peripherals such as gamepads, mice and keypads. Mix and match them to create your own unique playstyle!

    Go beyond gaming

    The Eee Stick isn't a ?one trick pony' by any means. It effectively functions as a 3D mouse, integrating seamlessly with Windows® and thus unlocking an endless number of usage possibilities. No matter if you're controlling a media player, surfing the Internet, running through a presentation or browsing through your photo collection, the Eee Stick will put an interactive and fun twist to it! And this is just the tip of the iceberg – new and more creative applications are being developed constantly specially for the Eee Stick!

    Support Games**:

    Heavy Weapon
    Malu Malu Adventure
    Polar Golfer
    Feeding Frenzy 2
    Astro Avenger 2
    Bass Fishing
    Etch A Sketch
    5 Spots
    Zuma Deluxe