ROG Theta Electret

    ROG Theta Electret

    3.5mm gaming headset with Essence electret and bass drivers that deliver hi-fidelity sound and optimized bass, a certified built-in boom microphone and multiplatform support for PC, game consoles and mobile devices

    • World’s 1st electret gaming headset with a dynamic driver system delivers exceptionally true-to-life audio with optimized bass.
    • Hi-Fi-grade silver-plated copper wire ensures high-frequency sound reproduction with excellent fidelity.
    • Specially tuned boom microphone offers clear in-game voice communication certified with TeamSpeak and Discord
    • Metal ear cups and yoke provide better heat extraction and durability for long periods of use
    • ROG Hybrid ear cushions with reverse D-shape and specialized fast-cooling fabric and eye-wear friendly design give you uncompromised comfort
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    Audiophile sound, fully immersive gaming

    ROG Theta Electret is a cutting-edge gaming headset featuring electret driver technology paired with Essence airtight bass drivers for exceptional audiophile sound that immerses you more deeply in your games and connects you with the music you love. It pairs perfectly with DACs and amps. As an audiophile and gamer, ROG Theta Electret is a headset with no compromises, delivering top-notch sound and ultimate gaming immersion in a robust, high-quality design.

    Electret driver and
    neodymium bass driver

    ROG Theta Electret is a cutting-edge gaming headset featuring electret driver technology that delivers audiophile-grade sound with exceptional mid- and high- frequency response for true-to-life gaming audio and music-listening experiences. The headset also incorporates exclusive ROG Essence drivers with an airtight chamber design to deliver optimized bass performance that elevates gameplay with a new level of depth and realism. ROG Theta Electret pairs perfectly with high-end DACs and amplifiers to deliver pure, high-resolution sound. 

    Frequency Response
    Electret drivers deliver dramatically improved high and mid frequency sound reproduction compared to neodymium magnet drivers, which are prone to interference from vibrations due to physical limitations of their design.
    Neodymium Bass
    Electret Driver

    Silver-plated copper wire
    for clearer audio

    ROG Theta Electret features hi-fi-grade silver-plated copper wire for improved audio clarity with a large soundstage and exceptional imaging. With minimal energy loss compared to other types of audio cables, silver-plated copper wire preserves the high frequency range of the source material to deliver the best audio performance.

    Hi-Fi grade plated silver

    Specially tuned microphone

    ROG Theta Electret comes with a detachable, unidirectional boom microphone that's specially tuned for clear voice communication and certified by leading communications apps. Signal-diversion technology ensures distortion-free in-game chat, and an intuitive control button on the ear cup lets you instantly mute the microphone without interrupting your game.

    Expertly engineered comfort

    ROG Theta Electret provides incredible comfort and sound isolation with ROG Hybrid ear cushions. Upgraded with a new, softer material, these cushions combine specialized, fast-cooling fabric and 100% protein leather for exceptional comfort and sound isolation. The fast-cooling design reduces heat by 25%, keeping you cooler during long gaming sessions. The cushions also feature an ergonomic reverse D-shape with optimized clamping force, for a firm, comfortable fit. For gamers who wear glasses, the cushions have a pressure-reducing design that eliminates the discomfort common with headphones for improved gaming and listening experiences.

    1. Exclusive ASUS Hybrid ear cushions for superb sound isolation and comfort.
    2. Specialized fast-cooling fabric stays cool and comfortable during long gaming sessions.
    3. Pressure-reducing material improves comfort for gamers who wear glasses.
    4. Ergonomic reverse D-shape fits better and gives a more comfortable experience.

    Two types of fit and feel

    ROG Theta Electret comes with two types of ROG Hybrid ear cushions, so you can choose the fit and feel that's best for you. One pair combines protein leather and fast-cooling, breathable fabric mesh, and thin and soft — perfect for on-the-go gaming. The second pair is thicker but adds more fast-cooling fabric for extended comfort, making them ideal for marathon sessions.

    Fast-cooling Protein Leather
    Fast-cooling Fabric

    Metal ear cup and yoke design

    An aluminum-alloy ear cup and yoke design provides better heat dissipation and durability to stand up to the rigors of gaming and long-term use.

    Mic on / off

    Multiplatform compatibility

    ROG Theta Electret provides cross-platform support for PCs, Macs, mobile phones, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.






    The Theta Line


    ROG Theta Electret

    ROG Theta 7.1

    Connectivity 3.5mm USB-C
    USB 2.0
    Hi-fi grade electret driver V -
    Hi-fi grade silver-plated copper wire V -
    Airtight chamber V V
    Next-gen ASUS Essence drivers V V
    Microphone Analog Analog
    Ergonomic reverse
    D-shaped ear cushions
    V V
    True 7.1 surround sound - V
    Hi-fi ESS 9601 Quad amp - V
    ROG home-theater grade 7.1 DAC - V
    RGB lighting - Multi-color
    RGB lighting
    Microphone indicator - V
    Instant control Mic mute Volume adjustment,
    mic mute, RGB