TV FM Card-7135

    TV FM Card-7135

    - Build in the advanced PHILIPS TV FM tuner and video/audio decoder
    - PCI revision 2.2-compliant
    - Analog video is sampled by ADCs, decoded by multi-line adaptive comb-filter
    - Various connectors for rich functions
    Video/Audio Decoder Philips 7135
    TV Tuner Philips NTSC or PAL
    Bus Standard PCI
    TV Tuner in Yes
    FM in Yes
    Video-in & Audio-in Yes
    Audio-out Yes

    Enjoy TV Programs and FM Radio on Your PC !
    ASUS TV FM Card provides a total solution for home theater entertainments on your PC. Whether you want to watch TV, make scheduled recording of TV programs, make your own movies, play DVD, or listening to MP3 music or FM radio programs, this card can satisfy all your needs. By incorporating the advanced decoder and CAM tuner, this card can produce high quality audio/video for better performance and enjoyment. Combined with the ASUS remote control kits and useful utilities, the ASUS TV FM Card can instantly turn your PC into a smart multimedia center!

    Why ASUS is Better?
    Provides with a complete TV experience on your PCs – Instant TV Replay, "Pre-Schedule Recording", Multi-Channel Previewing.
    Listening and recording FM radio programs on your PC
    Playing DVDs/VCDs on your PC
    Listening to MP3 music on your PC
    Sorting your favorite video and pictures
    Video recording, editing and burning with MPEGII/ I compression
    Make your own VCD / DVD
    Building your own video security and monitoring system
    A remote control kit for easy surfing

    Remote Controller Kits
    Remote Controller
    USB Receiver
    Cable Bundled
    Audio-out cable
    Multi- video in & Audio-in adaptor
    FM cable
    S/W Bundled
    ASUS HomeTheater
    * Watching and Recording TV
    * Tuning to FM Radio
    * Listening to MP3
    * Sorting Video
    * Sorting Pictures
    * Playing DVD / VCD
    PowerDireector Pro ME
    * Editing your video with MPEG II or I Compression
    * Burning your video into DVD or VCD
    Driver & ASUS Utility Media
    * ASUS VideoSecurity
    * WDM Driver

    Make Your Own Videos with Ease

    ASUS VideoSecurity Utility

    ASUS VideoSecurity is powerful software for you to flexibly build your own security systems. You can use this program to detect any environmental change and monitor a specified location.

    * To detect a visitor and capture the latest 2 snapshots
    * To trace motion object
    * To list the detected events

    * It contains unlimited means to warn or notify you, such as:
    1. Capture video into AVI files
    2. Send warning e-mails
    3. Make warning calls
    4. Execute user-defined programs