Speakers for iPod with Internet Radio

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    Whether with its tuning in to a smorgasbord of music from around the world, or docking for a quick charge while listening to your tunes, browsing through your photos and videos in your iPod, the AIR3 is a perfect all-in-one solution for total audio entertainment and relaxation.

    Speakers and Video Out Compatibility for iPod

    AIR3 allows a quick charge while listening to your favorite tunes, browsing through your photos and videos in your iPod. You can also control your iPod with the AIR3 controller when the iPod is docked.

    What's more, AIR3 allows you to connect an external monitor or TV so that you can view your multimedia files on a larger screen.

    Listen to More than 10,000 Radio Stations Worldwide

    Via wired/wireless network, you can tune in to more than 10,000 radio stations worldwide. AIR3 allows you to enjoy various genres of music around the world. News from around the world is never too far away as you can tune into the latest local and news from abroad anytime.

    AUX In

    Connect other audio devices to the AIR3 with the supplied cable to enjoy high definition audio quality like none other.

    UPnP Sharing

    The AIR3 plays tunes from your PC, and is capable of excellent audio reproduction. Simply place the ARI3 and your PC on the same network and the music in your PC will be played through the UPnP protocol. (UPnP-enabled application such as Window® Media Player 11 is necessary)

    Weather Forecast

    AIR3 provides weather forecast for 5 days anywhere around the world via the internet. Decide what to wear before going out, plan gatherings and share weather updates with family and friends from far away with this informative and useful function.

    HDSS® Certified Speaker: Provide natural, real and clear sound quality

    AIR3 is equipped with HDSS® (High Definition Sound Standard) certified speakers with ETL™ (Embedded Transmission Line) module. ETL™ is a physical structure inside the chambers to reorganize sound energy. It reduces the disruptive vibrations that make listeners feel fatigued and uncomfortable. With ETL™, AIR3 provides audio relaxation to listeners with pristine clarity.