ASUS VivoMouse WT710

    ASUS VivoMouse WT710

    A 3-in-1 PC Controller – A Mouse, Touchpad and Wireless Remote

    • Full Windows 8 gesture support - Adds intuitive touch input to non-touch PCs
    • Control your PC remotely - Use it as a handheld touchpad with your fingers
    • Optimized shape - Design for usage as a mouse, touchpad, or wireless remote
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    ASUS VivoMouse WT710
    Incredible Versatility
    Use it any way you want

    VivoMouse is an innovative device that integrates all the functionalities of a touchpad, wireless remote and optical mouse. Designed with the user in mind, it offers intuitive cursor control whether you’re using it as a mouse, a table-top touchpad or a wireless remote.

    Full Windows 8 Gestures Support
    Adds intuitive touch input to non-touch PCs
    The large circular touchpad found on the VivoMouse provides full Windows 8 multi-touch gesture support. This gives you cursor control with just one finger, as well as giving you the full Windows 8 touch experience even when you’re using a non-touch enabled device.

    Intuitive Touchpad
    Optimizing work and play
    VivoMouse recognizes touchpad gestures such as page up/down swipe, pinch-zoom in and out, and other multi-finger inputs to improve on your computing experience. Whether you’re using Windows 8 or Windows 7, you’ll find an intuitive input experience. With the VivoMouse, you can also switch between mouse or touchpad modes on-the-fly .

    Control Your PC Remotely
    Use it as a handheld touchpad with your fingers
    The VivoMouse design is optimized to give you one-handed control over the cursor with just your fingers. It is the perfect peripheral for a home theater PC, allowing you to easily navigate your music or video library while away from the computer. Whether you're at home or in the office, you're always in control.
    Optical Mouse
    Accurate control

    VivoMouse works as a standard optical mouse, with the touchpad working as both the left and right click buttons. With 1200 DPI and a 2.4GHz RF link to your PC, VivoMouse provides accurate input each and every time.

    Battery Flexibility
    VivoMouse works with either single or dual AA batteries; one battery lightens the load for better portability, while two batteries allows for longer use.

    Gestures Guide

    Tap to Left Click



    Edge Scroll

    Switch Apps
    *For Windows 8/8.1 only

    Start Charms Bar
    *For Windows 8/8.1 only

    Tap to Right Click

    Vertical Scroll

    Horizontal Scroll

    Pinch-zoom in/out

    Swipe to Previous/Next Page

    Back to Desktop

    ASUS Mission Manager

    Touch Keyboard
    *For Windows 8/8.1 only

    Large multi-touch touchpad Power button Blue LED optical sensor Quick release latch for
    battery compartment
    Suggested Use:

    • Hold the widest parts of the touchpad.
    • Place your palm on the highest point of the middle of the mouse.