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    F6V Multi-Color

    F6V Multi-Color

    Celebrate individuality with the launch of scented notebook

    Enjoy a breath of fresh air in the world of personal laptops and celebrate individuality with the ASUS F6V scented notebooks.
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    The compact and stylish F6 engages the eyes with attractive motif and for the first time, our sense of smell with infused scents*. Available in 4 captivating designs, the special editions of notebooks not only look good, but are also expressions of the user’s taste and character!
    *The lifespan of fragrance depends on actual usage.

    Floral Blossom

    In glorious pink, this design evokes the imagery of a summer party, raising the somber feel of conventional laptop designs with cheerful, floral motif, and a floral scent - the most attractive laptop for ladies!

    Musky Black

    A glossy black surface on which a splashed of colorful motif inspired by extreme sports and graffiti art, this model evokes power, daring, and energy with dose of playfulness and a musky scent.

    High Definition Entertainment Enjoyment

    Enjoy all ATSC HDTV standards and 8-channel digital audio for a superb multimedia experience. Experience data transfers of 5 Gbps of bandwidth and the upgrade options for future enhancements and requirements. Messy cables behind your device will be a thing of the past. With HDMI – the industry standard digital interface, a single cable will support standard, enhanced, or high-definition video and plus multi-channel digital audio.

    RF Biometric Fingerprint Reader

    ASUS F6V incorporates an AuthenTec fingerprint sensor with TruePrint® technology, which enables the sensor to reliably read virtually everyone´s fingerprint every time. TruePrint technology uses small RF signals to detect the unique fingerprint patterns beneath the skin´s surface where the true fingerprint resides. For the most accurate reading, the AuthenTec fingerprint sensor scans fingerprint patterns from the live layer of the skin, bypassing many common skin surface conditions.

    Aqua Ocean

    Imagine the freedom of boundless expanse of sky and energy of breaking waves all on the cover of your notebook! The matching invigorating aquatic scent will sure to keep your days energized!

    Morning Dew

    Based on a pastel green hue, the graphic motif is inspired by the love and respect for nature. Return to the embrace of Mother Nature for a crisp and refreshing awakening of the senses when you work on your notebooks.

    ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence technology

    The exclusive ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence technology is especially effective for human skin tones, green stretches of grass and trees and blue sky and sea. It takes PC graphics capability to the next level by enhancing depth and color intensity in real time. It further improves contrast, brightness, skin tone and color saturation for vivid image display. Incorporated with the exclusive ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Engine (activation hot key: Fn+C), the LCD presents clear and sharp images in their true vibrant colors.

    ASUS Express Gate - 8 Seconds Boot Up*and Instant Online

    In addition to the unique technologies and software features, F6V unveils the latest Express Gate that empowers users with the simplest usage experience. This additional built-in operating system enables ultra fast boot up for access to a host of most commonly used features, including web browser, instant messenger, Skype, photo manager, music player and online gaming..*subject to system configuration

    Exclusive Power Saving Technology

    Power4 Gear eXtreme is a unique technology available exclusively from ASUS only. It offers four operation modes designed specifically for various applications. Power is distributed according to the operation modes to ensure that no power goes to waste.

    Powerful Graphics Engine

    The F6 breezes through applications with ease. Sift through photo albums, play audio files, surf the web and video conference with smooth graphics. The F6V is further equipped with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD3470 to handle fast-action 3D intense games.

    Wireless Video Communication

    The high-resolution webcam module is one of the smallest lenses available that integrates seamlessly into the F6V‘s LCD panel and together with a built-in high quality microphone wire-free video conferencing is possible anywhere.