ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.



    ASUS U24 is the world's first A4 size notebook with a Intel® 2nd generation Core™ standard voltage processor.

    • Compact A4 size and just 1.5Kg for total portability
    • Standard voltage CPU powers uncompromising computing
    • Extended battery life all-day operation
    • Dual USB 3.0 ports with USB Charger+ accelerated charging
      Product Image

      Spectacular computing in A4

      small A4 size and mere 1.5Kg

      With the footprint of a standard A4 page, the ASUS U24 reaches new performance heights with a super-light and super-slim design that weighs a mere 1.5Kg. It’s eminently portable and easy to carry wherever you go, without cutting corners on power.

      Stylish front to back

      A unique red and blue color scheme stands out immediately with its chic elegance, showcasing the notebook’s special personality and mixture of urban and tasteful living. The finish boasts intricate matte hairline textures that contribute to more than just stylish looks – they also harden the notebook for better durability in the long run.

      Uncompromising performance

      Intel® 2nd Gen Core™ Standard Voltage CPU

      For all its compactness and light form factor, the U24 arrives with the full might of Intel® 2nd Generation Core™ Standard Voltage Processor. It is the world’s first 11.6” notebook to feature these powerful CPUs, so you get all the productivity, multitasking, and multimedia of a much bigger and heavier notebook in a neat and stylish package that you can easily travel with.

      U24E-Stylish front to back

      Smart energy efficiency

      Always instant on in 2 seconds

      Exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology manages power consumption to extend battery life for 8-hour*all-day computing, allowing you to move further and get more done. But more incredibly, it gives you access to true 2-second instant on functionality, as the notebook can resume from sleep or standby in only two seconds, just like your smartphone. It also enhances standby time up to an impressive two weeks*, while data safety is assured by automatic backups when the battery drops below 5%.
      * *Actual battery life and standby time may vary by model and specific usage conditions

      Charge quicker

      USB devices charged when power-off

      Dual USB 3.0 means exclusive ASUS USB Charger+ can use a powered USB 3.0 port to accelerate the charge-up of any USB device, from smartphones to media players. It fills up batteries in a fraction of the time it takes a normal USB port to do so, saving you both time and energy. It even works when the notebook is turned off, driven by reserve battery power!