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12+ Month Supply
EOL Notice & ECN Control


About this program

The ASUS Corporate Stable Model (CSM) program is designed to provide stable motherboards and other products1 to businesses everywhere. In the 16 years that the CSM program has been operating in the United States and Canada, thousands of customers and solution providers have become part of the ASUS CSM partner network — making it the most established commercial-motherboard program currently available, with CSM boards deployed across many vertical markets. Now, we’re building on that success and offering the CSM program to businesses around the world!

CSM motherboards are perfect for enterprise, medium and small businesses. Each CSM motherboard purchase includes entitlement to a free Classic edition of the ASUS Control Center — a server-grade IT management software suite.

1 Program offerings may vary by region


Advantages Features CSM Series
Server Management ASUS Control Center
Stable supply Stable Roadmap
Product Lifecycle 12+ months*Starting from product launch date
EOL Notice 6 months
ECN control
*By request
Multiple packaging options Standard Retail Packaging
Bulk Packaging
Other support Comprehensive Product Line-up
Commercial Features
(PCI, COM header, LPT header, TPM)
*Varies by model
Windows 10 and Pre-WHQL Ready

ASUS Control Center

ASUS Control Center is a centralized IT-management suite that enhances enterprise productivity with comprehensive control through a very friendly user interface. ASUS Control Center provides high visibility and the best IT-management experiences across ASUS enterprise and commercial products. Each purchase of a Corporate Stable Model product entitles the customer to the free Classic edition of Control Center. Enterprise edition of the ASUS Control Center is also available to customers wishing to upgrade.

ASUS Control Center Hardware and Software Monitoring ASUS Control Center Hardware and Software Monitoring

Hardware & Software

Monitor system temperature, fan, voltage and hardware status

ASUS Control Center Remote Management ASUS Control Center Remote Management

Remote Management

Remote desktop, power control, BIOS settings and updates

ASUS Control Center Asset Management ASUS Control Center Asset Management

Asset Management

Software dispatch and device-metadata management

ASUS Control Center Mobile Control ASUS Control Center Mobile Control

Mobile Control

Stay in command via a smart device

ASUS Control Center Security ASUS Control Center Security


Enable/disable USB storage

Installation guide Software Download

*Before installing ASUS Control Center, first install Virtual machine software.
Download it from:

* BIOS Setting function not supported by Intel® Haswell, Intel® Bay trail, and Intel® Braswell platforms.

Stable Supply

Stable Supply Supply Flexibility

Supply Flexibility

As the world’s No. 1 motherboard brand, ASUS has great material-supply flexibility, and is able to respond rapidly to forecast changes. Working with ASUS removes the worry about material-supply gaps.

Stable Supply Extended Supply

Extended Supply

Please contact your ASUS representative for information about projects requiring a supply guarantee that extends beyond 12 months. A supply guarantee may be available with a confirmed purchase order (PO) and minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Stable Supply EOL Notice and ECN Control

EOL Notice and ECN Control

ASUS issues an Engineering Change Notice (ECN) before product revisions, an end-of-life (EOL) notice six months before a product’s EOL, and a Last Buy Order (LBO) notice three months prior to EOL — allowing lead time for your organization to ready itself for product transition.

More Packaging Options

Bulk Packaging

Bulk Packaging

Bulk packaging for CSM motherboards is available, in stacks of 10. This reduces clutter, thus increasing efficiency. All accessories that a user would find in a standalone motherboard box are included.

Standard Retail Packaging

Standard Retail Packaging

As an alternative to bulk packaging, CSM motherboards are available in standard ASUS retail packaging. This form of packaging offers great flexibility, as no minimum order quantity is required. Each package features a full-color ASUS logo for easy identification and organization.

Comprehensive Product Line-up

ASUS offers motherboard solutions for all major chipsets, including value segments such as H110. Our motherboards are available in a wide range of form factors, with comprehensive compatibility validations and certifications. Features include Intel vPro™ hardware security technology, PCI Express® slots, COM headers, LPT headers and Trusted Platform Model (TPM) chips. Whether your target market is small and medium businesses (SMBs) or government or commercial organizations, ASUS has a motherboard solution to suit any demand.

*Features vary with model
*CSM models vary with country

WHQL Reseller Program

WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Lab) is Microsoft’s testing process and logo program. It provides hardware manufacturers and end users with reassurances that WHQL-certified systems and peripherals will work with the Windows operating system.

The ASUS Reseller Submission Program allows customers who purchase WHQL-certified ASUS motherboards to apply their own system logo after the product has been repackaged or relabeled. Under this program, ASUS grants resellers permission to use the WHQL certification in accordance with Microsoft procedures — reducing time and money spent on testing and validation.

WHQL Reseller Program Apply


Apply to become an authorized reseller under the WHQL Reseller Program

WHQL Reseller Program Authorize


Request permission to use WHQL certification under the ASUS Reseller Submission Program

WHQL Reseller Program Submit


SI log in Winqual with its own account and accept submission

Intel® Technology

As the first Intel® partner to offer Gold and Platinum Intel Technology Provider(ITP) program points for ASUS purchases, ASUS is continuing its successful points-earning promotion to include select ASUS CSM motherboard products2.

2 Reward points may vary by region and are subject to change without notice. Please speak to an ASUS representative for more information.
Intel Technology Provider