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ASUS No.1 Gaming Monitor Brand

Best Gaming Monitors for Cinematic Games
MOBA, RPG, RTS genres

+ Immersive life-like visuals

+ Stunning in-game detail

+ Silky-smooth gaming experience

Cinematic visuals by ASUS gaming monitors

Best Gaming Monitors for
Fast Games

FPS, RACING genres

+ Incredibly fast response time

+ Super-smooth gameplay

+ Take aim at sharper visuals

Exceptional speed by ASUS gaming monitors

Upgrade your in-game advantage

What pros recommend


Download pro gamers favorite gaming presets

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*for MG28UQ, MG24UQ, MG248Q only

GRUBBY Professional gamer Setting for RTS/RPG Mode
REVENTXZ Professional gamer
member of ARMY
Setting for User Mode
MOTROCO Professional gamer
member of ARMY
Setting for Scenery Mode
SQUIRREL Gaming Youtuber Setting for User Mode
ELWIND Professional gamer Setting for Racing Mode
ALLU Professional gamer
member of ENCE
Setting for User Mode

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