See Everything in Perfect Detail

ASUS ProArt Series monitors are designed to immerse you in a world filled with breathtaking levels of detail. The 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) panels used give you four times the pixel density and up to 300% more onscreen space than similarly-sized Full HD displays. This means you get to enjoy sharp, detailed visuals - perfect for editing 4K UHD photos and videos.

HD monitor
4k professional monitor

On top of that, you’ll enjoy more onscreen space for multitasking so you get more things done quickly.

4k professional monitor

Conventional Full HD Monitor

Full HD monitor
Shows only part of the work sidebar
A single window showing one Full HD
A single window showing one Full HD 1080p video

ASUS 4K Professional Monitor

4k professional monitor
Shows 300% more on-screen space than a similarly-sized Full HD screen
showcase on 4k professional monitor
Able to display four 1:1 Full HD contents on a single 4K UHD screen
more lifelike viewing experience

A brighter, more lifelike viewing experience

ProArt Series also features HDR (High Dynamic Range) , it offers wider luminance range compared to standard dynamic range (SDR) displays for brighter whites and darker blacks as well as more accurate, vibrant colors and higher contrast.