As a pro-environment corporate citizen, GreenASUS leads the industry with exclusive initiatives such as the energy-saving EPU technology and ASUS Power Manager thereby garnering for the brand the industry’s highest environmental certifications including Energy Star and EPEAT® Gold.
GreenASUS also promotes eco-friendly processes in four areas: green design, green manufacturing, green procurement, and green services.
Green Design
We design products that are easy to reuse, recycle, disassemble and improve product power efficiency. We also enforce adherence to hazardous substance guidelines.
Green Manufacturing
We implement greener manufacturing processes that are lead and halogen free.
Green Procurement
We oversee a green supply chain management (SRM) system and maintain an online database of green vendors.
Green Services and Marketing
We galvanize support for recycling programs and ensure that charitable organizations benefit from these initiatives.
Going Beyond Legal Compliance
The RoHS directive restricts the use of 6 hazardous substances but ASUSPRO further restricts an additional 31 substances on its own accord for the safety of its customers, employees and the Earth.

Green and Eco-Friendly

ASUSPRO commercial PCs are built with the environment in mind. Exclusive technologies help ASUSPRO PCs optimize energy use to meet the industry’s highest environmental certifications. ASUSPRO PCs respect the environment while lowering your operating costs.
  • Producing

    Since 2013, ASUS introduced post-consumer recycled plastic as mechanical housing in commercial notebook. Using post-consumer recycled plastic, at least 20% estimated reduction of carbon emission in the manufacturing phase can be expected by replacing conventional material.

  • Packaging

    Since 2012, the packaging design department has improved the folding structure of the packaging materials – a method which has received relevant patents. As a result, the volume of the packaging for 15 inches notebook was reduced by 39%.

  • Using

    ASUS continuously innovate exclusive technologies that raise energy efficiency on hardware and software. In 2012, 100% of our new laptop computers are Energy Star qualified products. Moreover, the average power consumption of ASUS NBs is 45% lower than Energy Star standard.

  • Retiring

    Galvanizes support for recycling programs and ensures that charitable organizations benefit from these initiatives. Eliminates harmful substances from the production process and the use of recyclable packaging materials.

Meet the Industry’s Highest Environmental Certifications
Control power consumption with Power Manager
ASUS Power Manager automatically switches the PC to sleep or hibernation modes, and you can also set the time for it to shut down the hard drive. It also helps optimize the system efficiency by selecting different energy modes to prolong product and component lifespan.
Certificated Energy Efficiency
The energy-efficient ASUSPRO desktop PCs protect the environment while helping lower your businesses’ operating costs. These ecofriendly workstations are recipients of some of the industry’s highest environmental certifications including ENERGY STAR and EPEAT® Gold.
*EPEAT may vary by model. Find more about EPEAT on
*Specification and feature availability may differ by model and region.