Progressive from every angle, touch and user experience.

Commercial PCs have to perform like your reliable working partner. It works for as long as you work – the punishing long hours. At ASUSPRO, every detailed attention is meticulously focused on not just to manufacture the best commercial PCs but also to bring out the best user experience be it on a desktop PC, an All-In-One computer or a notebook. Slimmer, lighter notebooks yet tougher and offer superior performance from comfortable keyboards and anti-glare display to tool-less desktop PCs and security features such as the built-in Chassis Intrusion Alerts, every PC which carries the ASUS brand mark must meet these stringent qualities. Truly your business partner who is intelligent on the inside, beautiful on the outside and providing the best user experience.

Beautiful Black on Black Professional Scheme

Just like what they are designed and manufactured to do, our commercial PCs have a professional black on black scheme matching its professional qualities in performance and reliability.

Slimmer One-piece Build

Our notebooks are in a one-piece construction making it more aesthetically pleasing and lighter too.

More Durable Materials

The durable carbon-reinforced metal-framed LCD cover construction is several times sturdier than conventional plastics thus allowing it to withstand 20% higher panel pressures as compared to standard notebooks. A robust quality every commercial notebook must possess but without adding to its weight. The cover and keyboard are also sturdier as the aluminum-alloy construction provides for increased mechanical strength and reliability. Beyond the durability factor, it also provides an attractive metal enclosure with a sophisticated feel.
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True-comfort Keyboard

Ergonomically keyboard designed for better click ratios and travel distance as well as for less fatigue to your wrists, hands and fingers after prolonged typing. The backlit keys also come in handy when working in dark environments. Not to mention the angled and textured palm rest areas provide a pleasant and solid feel for extended working comfort.

Spill-resistant Keyboard

Built-in drainage design repels higher volumes of liquid compared to industry standards.
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Anti-glare Panel

The matte screen not only prevents reflections but helps to reduce eye fatigue thus improving the overall user experience. Aesthetically, it also eliminates unsightly fingerprint smudges on the screen.