Data safety is critical for any business and that is why our commercial solutions provide multiple hardware and software security layers. You can be assured of total security from our physical hardware protection to safe guiding against any unauthorized access.

Worry-Free Security

Hardware Protection

Hardware-based protection ensures robust physical security for your PCs and notebooks. ASUSPRO products have business-standard Kensington lock slots and padlock slots for additional asset security, while chassis intrusion alerts are provided for ASUSPRO desktop PCs to protect internal components from theft.

Identity Security

Identity security protection helps prevent attacks by hackers looking to capture passwords and encryption keys for sensitive data. This protection includes BIOS passwords, Windows logon passwords, HDD passwords, as well as a TPM security chip that allow PCs to run applications more securely, and enables more trustworthy transactions and communications.

IT Management

IT management is made easier with ASUSPRO. ASUS asset-management solutions along with Intel vPro™ Technology allows Management Information System (MIS) staff to remotely control and manage company assets, setup passwords and disable I/O ports, making sure all digital data is safe and sound.

Indentity Protection

Fingerprint Reader
Notebooks incorporating fingerprint scanning take data access authorization and protection to a higher level. A radio-frequency (RF) electronic scanner reads fingerprint patterns, using sensors that are less affected by skin surface conditions — such as dry, worn, calloused, dirty or oily skin — which may impair the ability of other sensor technologies to accurately detect fingerprints.
Smart Card- based Identification
Smart cards can be used for identification, processing and authentication. The data can be stored and used for user application log-in or for authorization of online transactions.

*BU201, B451 & B551 only, have to configure before fabricating.

Hard Drive User Password Protection
If the HDD password protection feature is activated, users will be prompted for a password when the system boots up or when entering the BIOS setup menu. If the wrong password is entered more than three times, the BIOS generates a warning message and stops the system.

Hardware Protection

Kensington Lock
ASUSPRO notebooks come with industry standard Kensington Security Slot for additional asset management and security. This helps keep your hardware and any confidential data stored on it well protected.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 1.2
This hardware-based design helps repel attacks by hackers looking to capture passwords and encryption keys to sensitive data. TPM allows notebooks to run applications more securely, and enables more trustworthy transactions and communications. *P series for selected model only, have to configure before fabricating.

Another interesting feature:

Anti-Shock Hard Disk

Metal Bracket "Air Bag"
ASUSPRO B series notebooks utilize metal brackets to strengthen structures around drives, protecting storage beyond mainstream standards. This is complemented by pressure-absorbing “air bag” cushions designed as additional shields to protect data in the event of shocks or drops experienced by the notebook during transportation.
Motion Sensor Protection Mechanism
G-sensor hardware and hard drive protection software pre-empt imminent impacts as an additional line of defence in keeping data safe and secure, providing a 3D digital accelerometer with three levels of sensitivity: off, normal sensitivity, and highest sensitivity. The latter is activated by default, and impact detection remains active at all times.
Stringent 3-axial / 6-angular Shock and Vibration Test
As a point of assurance to users, ASUSPRO B series hard drives are subject to 3-zxial / 6-angular shock and vibration tests in accordance with industry-standard surrogate testing.

Completed Security Functions

Function BIOS Password Windows Password Windows EFS HDD password Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
When Booting the PC Logging on to Windows A specific file is opened Accessing the HDD
Introduction A BIOS password is the authentication information required to log in to a PC's BIOS before it boots up. A Windows password is the password a user needs to log into Windows. There is normally an administrator account to manage the entire PC and several user accounts for individual users. Encrypting File System (EFS) is a feature of Windows that you can use to store information on a hard disk in an encrypted format. It is the strongest protection that Windows provides to secure your information. The HDD password protects all data stored on the hard disk, keeping the data safe from being read or overwritten by unauthorized users. The TPM creates cryptograhic keys and encrypts them so that they can only be decrypted by that particular TPM. This allows the hard disk drive to be tied to a particular device which has TPM embedded.
Benefits This prevents unauthorized users from starting the computer. Prevents unauthorized users logging on to registered user account on the PC. Prevents confidential files from being opened even if the files are stolen. Even if the HDD is removed from your PC, the data inside remains inaccessible. If the HDD is removed and placed in another PC, the decryption process will fail even if the HDD passwords is correct, keeping your confidential data safe and sound.

Business-Class Manageability

ASUSPRO commercial PCs simplify asset-management processes for MIS staff, as well as for end-users. With the exclusive ASUS Business Manager and ASUSPRO Business Center, maintenance and optimization tasks can be performed easily. ASUS asset-management solutions along with Intel vPro™ Technology allow MIS staff to manage multiple computers on one site.
Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processors
Performance and protection are top priorities for enterprise IT departments, and ASUSPRO products support Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors with Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) for remote PC out-of-band management. These help IT departments protect their hardware investment, automate troubleshooting, expedite repair and maintenance tasks, and reduce desk-side and onsite visits. IT departments benefit from lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and higher operational efficiency.
BIOS Asset Tag Manager
ASUS Asset Tag Manager is designed for small and medium business, allowing you to create and store serial numbers in the BIOS. This helps with device identification in teams and enables easier management of individual PCs.
ASUSPRO Business Manager
A new computing platform that consists of hardware, software, and firmware to provide unique security and productivity capabilities. It has been specially-designed for small businesses that do not have a managed PC environment, simplifying IT management. Includes six applications to help organize security and productivity: Software Monitor, Data Backup and Restore, USB Blocker, PC Health Center, Energy Saver, and Wireless Display.
F9 One Key Recovery
Pressing the F9 key initiates a recovery mode to restore your PC back to its original factory settings. Data and customized Windows settings must be backed up before performing this operation.