Enables scalability, performance, and protection for everyday computing

    With major advancements in video, graphics, responsiveness and scalability, P4-P5G41 provides an adequate performance and convenient platform for everyday computing. Besides, with the X-Wall encryption function, it encrypts/decrypts entire SATA hard drive including boot sector and operating system in real-time performance. Truly secure your information.

      Enables scalability, performance, and protection for everyday computing

      Hardware Encryption to protect your data and safeguard your privacy

      The X-Wall ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) is engineered specifically to encrypt/decrypt the entire SATA hard drive including boot sector and operating system in real-time performance. As the entire SATA hard drive is encrypted, there is no possibility of any secret being left unprotected on the drive, including password and "Secret Key." In an X-Wall protected system (drive), there is no simple way to read the data without the right "Secret Key." Only YOU have the right Key to unlock your data.

      Delivers graphics enhancement and compatibility for entertaining

      P4-P5G41 supports DirectX10 which equips New 3-D graphics-rendering capabilities in games and high-end 3-D applications. Plus the theater-like HD 8 channel audio, a new experience of home entertainment is evolved.

      Magic Space & Creation of Design

      The small size, 8.9L, contains all the possibilities. With many hidden mechanical designs and its high glossy piano-black, the simple and elegant product fits all surroundings.

      All-Around Multimedia Platform

      P4-P5G41 enriches your life by providing rich features for multimedia applications. It includes DVI, D-sub, 8-channel HD audio, MS, MS Pro, SD, MMC card readers, 1394, and etc. It provides users a convenient platform to connect peripherals in daily life.

      Excellent thermal & acoustic solution

      The highly integration of mechanism and MB design creates the best placement and air flow. Besides that, ASUS unique Q-Fan Technology can detect the CPU loading and temperature automatically. By these two ways, P4-P5G41 provides the best thermal & acoustic solution and quiet working environment.

      ASUS Express Gate

      ASUS Express Gate offers an optional Linux OS bootup that allows you to enjoy instant access to commonly used functions like accessing the Internet, VoIP, and Web emailing without entering Windows.

      ASUS DriveClone Pro 5 (Continuously protect and back up your valuable data)

      ASUS DriveClone Pro 5 can back-up users´ data just in few seconds and recover it in few minutes. DriveClone Pro 5 is an always available recovery tool. It stores user data, applications and the operating system in the host-protected area of the hard drive. Users can easily recover system to any state without restore CDs. No need to worry about losing data due to virus attacks.