Go Big with Mini GPS PDA Phone

    - Stylish All-Rounder
    - Chic Performer
    - Easy GPS Navigation
    - Easy Access with ASUS Today
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    Elegant ASUS P320 Incorporates Innovative Interface and Features

    The exceptionally elegant ASUS P320 Mini GPS PDA phone was designed for the fashion-conscious who are constantly admired for their accessories – including their handheld choices. The P320’s presents an ultra compact form that makes it feel almost weightless in a ladys palm. Its fashionable outlook is slim and slender, and is molded with round curves that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And yet, this beauty is not just skin deep, as a wide range of features make it equally powerful and intelligent – all packed in neatly with an original and exclusive interface developed by ASUS.

    Stylish All-Rounder

    With a chic and fashionable outlook, the P320 is a sure eye-catcher. Made to fit comfortably in the hand, the smooth mold of the P320 is carved out of gentle care and sophistication, and exudes a stylish feel. Rounded corners, sloping edges and a circular navigational key are all built around the desire to please the eyes; while the mini compact size further accentuates its stylish appeal – making it the perfect elegant accessory under any social occasion.

    Chic Performer

    This is where beauty meets brains. In spite of its compact size, this pretty mini PDA phone has an impressive array of powerful features. Operating on Microsoft Windows® Mobile 6.1™ Professional platform and packed full with features such as GPS navigation; EDGE/GPRS and WiFi for Internet access from anywhere; Bluetooth, USB and much more. The P320 is your best fashion accessory that brings you from work to play!

    Easy GPS Navigation

    Never get lost again! The P320’s built-in GPS module allows timely, faster satellite pinpoint and download for users and their location. Even locations in vast, open country, the global GPS network will always be able to locate the user, and the navigation software will guide the user to the destination smoothly.

    Easy Access with ASUS Today

    The P320 has a variety of exclusive applications designed for user convenience. With ASUS Today, icons such as time, calendar, messages, weather and the media player can be seen easily in the same window – providing users with easy access to their needed functions.

    The ASUS RSS Reader, which receives up-to-date information automatically and provides the latest news and blog updates – keeps users update about current events or website updates.

    Another handy application is the Ur Time, which also allows users to set up to four different countries´ default timing on the phone desktop for quick country-specific time references, convenient for setting meetings worldwide. With Auto Cleaner function, never worry about applications being hidden when you want to close them. The Auto Cleaner Function ensures those intended applications are really closed, thus freeing up space and memory for other functions.

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