Enjoy Comfortable GPS Navigation with Large 3.5" Screen Views In 3G high speed

    - Most Powerful and Compact 3.5" PDA Phone
    - Great Efficiency at a Touch
    - Full GPS Features for Timely Navigation
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      ASUS P550 PDA Phone Provides Powerful 3G Performances with Compact 3.5" Size

      Catering to users who crave for a stylish yet powerful PDA Phone, ASUS, leading producer of high quality handheld products, has released the new ASUS P550 PDA Phone. This marvelous phone provides a massive 3.5" large screen that helps users view online information and GPS navigations. With a compact outlook, this powerful PDA Phone is ideal for commercial users who require a mobile office with business connectivity on-the-go.

      Most Powerful and Compact 3.5" PDA Phone

      Doing business has never looked so good. The ASUS P550 showcases a 520MHz CPU in a compact 121 x 70 mm body with a slim 1.65cm side profile, and delivers superior performance and seamless connectivity including WCDMA, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. With 3G support, the P550 caters specifically to users who require high speed data transfers and travel across the globe for their business. With Newstation, they can keep abreast of current affairs with real-time news. Other useful business features include Ur Time, which displays four different time zones on the screen at once, Meeting Time Planner to help arrange meetings with worldwide customers who live in different time zones, and a host of Office software to deal with business work documents.

      Great Efficiency at a Touch

      Everything looks better on the P550. With the ultra-large 3.5” touch screen, you can view on-line information, GPS navigation and documents at a glance comfortably with large fonts and graphical icons. Coupled with this easy viewing is the ease of input with the stylus or just your finger, as well as 5 programmable hot keys for running up to 7 applications quickly at your fingertips – without the need to go through excessive layers of menus.

      Full GPS Features for Timely Navigation

      The P550 also features several innovative navigational features that include the fast GPS Catcher*, which allows users to find their location quickly and navigate rapidly to their next destination with ease and TMC* (Traffic Message Channel), which provides live local traffic and weather information with the optional TMC cable (*Note: Varies from countries and support of navigation software).

      Travelog is a unique application which records and shares users' travelling pictures, routes, POIs and memos to be viewed again at a later date. Location Courier helps prevent users from ever getting lost by accurately and periodically reporting their position to their pre-defined friends' contacts.