The Must-have in Automotive Safety

    • PathFinder HUD technology* for navigation instructions directly on your windshield
    • Large 5” touchscreen with intuitive touch-optimized interface
    • Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity for hands-free calls
    • Smart light sensor for automatic screen brightness adjustment
    • Comprehensive multimedia support for versatile in-car entertainment
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      Keep your eyes on the road, and on your family´s safety.

      It takes up to 2 seconds to switch between viewing a conventional Portable Navigation Device (PND) ** and the windshield. At a speed of 100 km/h, cars are likely to have advanced 27 meters—completely unmonitored—in that time.

      There´s no question about it. Taking your eyes off the road—even for a split second—is a risky business. That´s why you need the ASUS R710 with PathFinder Heads-up Display (HUD) technology*. The PathFinder HUD projects navigation directions directly onto your windshield, keeping your eyes focused on the road ahead and ensuring that you´ll be alert to important turns and conditions on the road.

      ASUS R710 with PathFinder. You´ll never have to take your eyes off the road—or your family´s safety—ever again.

      Enhanced Safety with PathFinder HUD Technology

      The ASUS R710´s most unique feature is its innovative PathFinder HUD. PathFinder HUD technology enables the R710 to project navigational instructions—such as directions and distance—onto the windshield in front of the driver. No longer will you have to constantly shift your field of vision from the front of the car to the device, opening yourself up to potentially disastrous distraction. With the PathFinder HUD, you´ll be able to focus on what´s truly important—the road ahead of you, and on getting to your destination safely.

      Sleek Design with Large 5" Touchscreen

      With its sleek form and solid craftsmanship, the R710 adds a distinct touch of class to any car interior. Its design emphasizes ease-of-use and elegance, boasting a clean façade dominated by a stunning 5" touchscreen—devoid of the clutter of dirt-caked buttons that are typically found on similar devices. Using the R710 is as easy as its streamlined design suggests. It features an intuitive interface that is optimized for touch input, encouraging you to explore its wealth of functions through concise and colorful menus. The large screen is perfect for scrutinizing map details and route planning, allowing you to see more roads, lanes and points of interest.

      Bluetooth Connectivity for High Quality, Hands-free Calls

      The R710 supports Bluetooth 2.0, providing you with a safe, hands-free way of answering incoming calls. It has the ability to auto-pair with other devices; you´ll only have to set up your connections once. The R710 also features fast data transfer speeds and an embedded echo-cancellation chip, guaranteeing superior voice quality and uninterrupted communications.

      Smart light sensor for automatic screen brightness adjustment

      The R710 is equipped with a built-in smart light sensor that automatically adjusts the backlighting of the LCD panel to optimal levels depending on the current environment. This not only saves power, it ensures that you´ll be able to view the screen clearly regardless of what time it is in the day, and whether or not you are in brightly or dimly-lit situations.

      Versatile In-car Entertainment Center

      No journey is dull when the R710 is onboard. This remarkable PND also doubles as a complete in-car entertainment center, enabling the playback of a wide array of media, such as MP3s, videos and pictures. It features a Micro SD memory card slot that accepts cards with capacities of up to 8 GB, ensuring that you´ll have more than ample storage space for hours of multimedia enjoyment. So no matter if you´re resting in the car or taking a break in a café, the slim and portable R710 will keep you suitably entertained.

      * PathFinder is optional.
      ** Installed below the dashboard.

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