Ignite the Action with NVIDIAR 3D Vision? 2 glasses, 3D LightBoost?, and a 120Hz refresh rate on an ergonomically designed 3D LED Display

    • Uncompromised 27” 3D immersion with NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ 2 glasses and 3D LightBoost™
    • Ultra smooth action with 120Hz refresh rate and 2ms tracer-free
    • Vivid color performance with Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology
    • Ergonomic design for swivel, tilt angle, and height adjustment
    • Extensive connectivity with HDMI 1.4, dual-link DVI-D, and D-sub
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    Bigger. Brighter. Better

    Uncompromised 3D Immersion

    Flicker-free 3D Images with NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ 2

    Enter an immersive 3D full HD 1080p world of games and movies with the VG278H. Through the use of the world's first NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ 2 glasses technology, it instantly takes you into another dimension - transforming all your gaming experiences and movies to 3D. With its new technology, it delivers twice sharper 3D images than conventional 3D technology. There are more than five hundreds popular PC game titles* currently compatible with the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Kit.

    * Please refer to NVIDIA web site.

    An Immersive 3D Experience with NVIDIA® 3D LightBoost™ Technology

    With the latest NVIDIA® 3D LightBoost™ Technology, enjoy twice the brightness of conventional 3D technology in 3D mode with zero increase in total energy consumption. It's perfect for dark-color games such as Metro 2033 and Batman: Arkham City. Additionally, the redesigned glasses bundled with NVIDIA® 3D LightBoost™ Technology features a 20-percent larger viewing lens, a light blocking visor for comfortable viewing and more comfortable - gamer-inspired design.

    Ultra-smooth Action

    120Hz Double-Speed Refresh Rate with 2ms Response Time

    Supported by Trace Free II Technology, the VG278H is able to double the refresh rate to 120 frames per second, which is twice faster than generic LCD monitors, delivering ultra-smooth 3D visuals. Moreover, the response time is now reduced to 2ms to eliminate tracing and ensure crisp and clear video playback.

    Advanced Dual-Side LCD Driving Technology

    The VG278H reduces LCD charging time to further prevent mura, ghosting, and bright-line effects, and delivers clear motion scenes during 3D gaming and movie watching.

    Learn More on Splendid Technology

    Vivid Color Performance

    Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology

    Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology is built upon a color engine that automatically analyzes and determines the nature of the user’s current task, thereafter adjusting the display’s parameters accordingly to ensure the color accuracy and image fidelity. Six preset video modes (Scenery, Theater, Game, Night View, sRGB, and Standard) can be selected via a hotkey.

    Ergonomic Design

    The VG278H is specially designed with swivel, tilt and height adjustment to suit your preferred viewing angles in 3D gaming and movie watching.

    Built-in Angle-Adjustable 3D Emitter for Unprecedented Flexibility

    The angle-adjustable 3D emitter optimizes 3D for every scenario; simply switch between three IR signal coverage areas via OSD menu and aim the angle-adjustable 3D emitter at shutter glasses for maximum 3D reception.

    Extensive Connectivity

    Display stereoscopic 3D via Blu-ray Disc players or game consoles through HDMI 1.4 output. The VG278H offers high compatibility with any media devices with HDMI 1.4, dual-link DVI-D, and D-sub.