Superfast 10G speed with backwards compatibility of 5/2.5/1G and 100Mbps; full-sized heatsink and LAN speed indicators

    • Superfast 10Gbps networking: Enjoy up to 10X-faster data-transfer speeds
    • RJ45 port for easy upgrades and wide compatibility: Compatible with current network standards, including 10/5/2.5/1G and 100Mbps, for seamless backward compatibility.
    • Full-sized ROG-themed aluminum heatsink: Provides a huge cooling area to silently dissipate heat for reliable operation
    • LAN speed indicators: LEDs for at-a-glance 5/10G speed indication and LAN activit
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      ROG AREION 10G

      Designed for the demanding requirements of power users, content creators, and others who push the envelope, the ROG AERION plugs you into a new era of 10G* home networking. It's refined from our 10G Express under the name of a mythical horse with legendary speed. The full-sized heatsink keeps the card cool while transferring massive files like 4K videos, and support for intermediate 2.5G and 5G connectivity lets you step up to faster networks for maximum flexibility. Choose the bandwidth that meets your needs and enjoy ultra-low latency at any speed.

      *Minimum Category 6 network cables required for 10Gbps operation. Category 5e cables limited up to 5Gbps.
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        RJ45 CONNECTOR

        Painless upgrade for home network

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        Symbol in the Rig

      • 3

        SPEED LED

        Monitor the speed and status intuitively

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        Best thermal efficiency

      • 5

        PCIe 3.0 x4 Interface

        Fastest transport speed

      Superfast 10GBIT/S networking

      The next-generation 10Gbit/s (10GBase-T) ROG AREION 10G delivers superfast speeds to match the demands of today's ultra-busy networks. Up to 10X faster than gigabit Ethernet, it performs bandwidth-intensive tasks such as 4K video streaming or file transfers in stride, so you'll never run out of network horsepower.

      ASUS Republic of Gamers products are performance leaders in the enthusiast gaming market, and the new ROG Areion is no exception,” said Kamal Dalmia, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Aquantia Corp. 'We are pleased that ASUS has selected the Aquantia AQtion(TM) AQC107 10Gb Ethernet Controller as the perfect solution for gamers who want the extreme performance that is 10 times faster than today's Gigabit LAN.

      Easy to use, easy to upgrade

      Installing ROG AREION 10G couldn't be easier: Just insert the card into a suitable PCIe 3.0 slot and connect your existing copper network cables to the RJ45 Ethernet port. It's that simple. There's no need to install any software or set up the card — ROG AREION 10G is instantly ready to run at full 10Gbps speed!

      Speed Compatible cable
      100M CAT5
      1G CAT5e
      2.5G CAT5e
      5G CAT5e(30M),CAT6
      10G CAT6(55M), CAT6a or higher
      *Compatible with current network standards, including 10/5/2.5/1Gbps and 100Mbps, for seamless backward compatibility.

      Stylish ROG design with a streamlined, Full-sized heatsink

      The Full-sized heatsink with its stylish ROG-themed aluminum cover doesn't just look good — it provides a huge cooling area to silently dissipate all the heat. This means that ROG AREION 10G runs cool and stable, even in the heat of the toughest battle.

      Check LAN speed at a glance

      Separate LED speed and activity indicators on ROG AREION 10G let you see the current LAN speed and network activity at a glance. For convenience, there are external LEDs (on the RJ45 port) and also LEDs on the edge of the PCB, so you can easily keep an eye on things — no matter how your rig is designed.