ASUS Corporate Stable Model Program Introduces VivoMini PC Models

    VivoMini PC UN65U added to established worldwide CSM program that offers 36-month stable supply and server-grade IT management

    TAIPEI, Taiwan, August 9, 2017 —ASUS today announced that VivoMini PC UN65U is now part of the Corporate Stable Model (CSM) program. The CSM program is an initiative designed to provide businesses with stable product supply and enhanced aftersales support. It is currently the most established global motherboard program for commercial projects, and this announcement extends its scope to mini PCs. ASUS CSM Series mini PCs are ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises. Each CSM mini PC purchase includes the Classic edition of ASUS Control Center (worth $60) — a server-grade IT management software suite that provides comprehensive control and monitoring. ASUS CSM products also include a stable roadmap and assured 36-month supply availability to ensure customers need not worry about material-supply gaps or extended supply.

    ASUS CSM mini PC solutions

    VivoMini PC UN65U will be the first CSM mini PC model, and it delivers the capabilities of a full-fledged business PC into a compact 0.6-liter chassis. It is powered by a 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor, and features a dual-storage design that accepts 2.5-inch HDDs and SSDs, including an MM.2 SSD for speeds of up to 32Gbps. VivoMini UN65U supports the revolutionary Intel Optane™ memory technology, which accelerates HDD performance to provide high-speed data access combined with a large storage capacity. A barebones model features an easy-access design for simple, hassle-free hardware upgrades. ASUS aims to provide a complete lineup of CSM mini PC solutions designed for commercial use, which are ideal for offices, digital signage and information kiosks. VivoMini VC65, VivoMini VC68V and VC68R, VivoMini UN68U, ASUSPRO Mini PC E520 and E420 will be joining the ASUS CSM mini PC lineup in the coming months. Available CSM mini PC models :

    Date Model
    First wave July 15, 2017 VivoMini UN65U
    Second wave September 1, 2017 VivoMini VC65
    New VivoMini VC68V
    New VivoMini VC68R
    Available on product launch New VivoMini UN68U
    New ASUSPRO E520, E420

    ASUS Control Center

    ASUS Control Center is a one-stop IT management suite that provides comprehensive control via a friendly user interface. It is designed to provide the best IT management experience across all ASUS enterprise and commercial products. Each ASUS CSM product entitles the customer to the Classic edition of the ASUS Control Center. ASUS Control Center helps businesses monitor system temperatures, fan, voltage and hardware status; and allows remote desktop management, including access to power controls, BIOS settings and updates, and security features such as enabling or disabling access to USB storage devices. It also helps with asset management, including software dispatch and device-metadata management.

    Supply flexibility

    ASUS has great supply flexibility to respond rapidly to forecast changes, ensuring that customers need not worry about material-supply gaps or extended supply, even when projects require a supply guarantee of 36 months. ASUS also issues an engineering change notice (ECN) before product revisions, an end-of-life (EOL) notice six months prior to a product’s EOL, as well as a last buy order (LBO) three months prior to EOL. This gives customers sufficient lead time to ready themselves for product transitions.