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    ASUS-Powered Supercomputer Rides High in TOP500 and Green500 Lists

    ESC4000/FDR G2 servers drive world-leading supercomputer to high-ranking positions in global HPC and energy-efficiency tables

    ASUS today announced that its ESC4000/FDR G2 servers powered the SANAM high-performance-computing (HPC) cluster to secure the number 59 spot in the November 2013 TOP500 table, the definitive list of the world’s most powerful commercially available computers. The ASUS-powered SANAM cluster also ranked 11th in the November 2013 Green500 list of most energy-efficient supercomputers on the planet.

    ASUS ESC4000/FDR G2 servers form the heart of the SANAM high-performing computing (HPC) cluster, a joint supercomputing project designed by Germany’s Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) and the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in Saudi Arabia to support national-level scientific research.

    The ASUS-powered SANAM cluster delivers total processing power of 532.6TFLOPS and energy efficiency of 2.3GFLOPS/watt — world-class performance that’s confirmed by the latest TOP500 and Green500 charts.

    Supercomputing power delivered by ASUS servers

    The ASUS ESC4000/FDR G2 delivers the latest HPC technology, with superior parallel processing and InfiniBand™, an interconnect technology with high throughput, low latency, quality of service (QoS) and failover. ESC4000/FDR G2 servers support InfiniBand FDR (fourteen data rate) transfers of up to 56Gbit/s.

    The ESC4000/FDR G2’s architecture makes it an excellent choice for heavy-duty calculations and modeling-intensive applications. ASUS-powered SANAM supercomputers excel in fields such as aerospace, weather forecasting and simulating chemical reactions and particle movement. The TOP500-ranked SANAM HPC cluster employs 210 ASUS ESC4000/FDR G2 servers with 420 AMD FirePro™ S10000 dual-GPU (graphics-processing unit) modules and an array of 420 Intel Xeon® E5-2650 eight-core processors — giving a total of 38,400 processor cores.

    High power, high efficiency and highly scalable

    The ASUS ESC4000/FDR G2 server that powered the SANAM cluster to high positions in the world’s most prestigious HPC and energy-efficiency tablets is both established and trusted in many finance, virtualization and high-end scientific settings.

    The two-rack-unit (2U) server is based on the dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 platform with eight hot-swappable 3.5-inch SATA hard drive cages and a 1+1-redundant 1620W 80 PLUS® Platinum-certified power supply that provides up to 94% energy efficiency. With nine PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0 x16 expansion slots, the ASUS ESC4000/FDR G2 delivers high-density computing power that is highly scalable.