ASUS Provides AI Development Infrastructure and Cloud Computing Services for National AI Project in Taiwan

    Collaborative, cross-industry project aims to strengthen Taiwan's international competitiveness for providing total AI solutions

    Taipei, Taiwan, 31 May, 2018 — ASUS today announced that it will take part in the largest artificial intelligence (AI) project in Taiwan for the National Center for High-Performance Computing of the National Applied Research Laboratories, the top supercomputing center in Taiwan. The goal of the project is to build the next generation of AI computing and big-data cloud platforms. ASUS will work in collaboration with a variety of partners from different industries — including telecommunications and AI integrators — to build the infrastructure for AI development and cloud computing.

    A trusted name in computing

    ASUS has over 20 years of experience in server and workstation production, expertise creating and managing cloud services, and experience developing AI software and customized hardware, making the company well positioned to create world-class AI infrastructure. In the new era of digital transformation brought about by the maturation of AI technology, ASUS has proposed 'ABC' — AI, big data, cloud computing — and IoT models to provide the best infrastructure and applied field solutions needed for the development of AI. The national AI project in Taiwan is expected to bring about an exchange of experience and meeting of ideas about the applied use of AI among different industries and aims to strengthen Taiwan's international competitiveness for providing total AI solutions.

    Multipurpose servers to deliver maximum AI solutions

    • ASUS ESC8000 G4 features a powerful GPU architecture that supports up to eight high-performance NVIDIA® Quadro® or Tesla® GPU cards in a 4U chassis. It provides flexible system topology configuration options, including the ability to choose a single or dual root complex, making it ideal for deep learning requirements. The patented Adaptive Topology design enables users to switch the system topology easily via the intuitive web-based GUI of the ASUS ASMB9-iKVM server management solution, without changing any hardware configurations or cable routing.

    • ASUS RS700-E9 Series is designed for scalability and versatility for multi-workload environments in a 1U chassis. Featuring an 800W 80 Plus Titanium server power supply, it offers up to 96% power efficiency, directly reducing operating costs and ideal for data centers and high-performance computing. The hybrid storage design features 2 PCIe® x16 and 1 PCIe x8 slots and supports up to 4 SATA/SAS HDDs. RS700-E9 series is the best choice for improving both workload and power efficiency.

    • ASUS RS720Q-E9 Series is the ideal multi-node server for high-performance computing, data analysis, and hyper-converged applications. Featuring four modular server nodes in a 2U chassis, support for eight SATA and SAS drives, and up to eight direct-connected NVMe SSDs for high-speed data access, RS720Q-E9 series delivers incredible performance to meet demanding compute requirements.