ASUS Announces Adoption of New AR Effects for Messenger

    Virtual ZenFone 5 unboxing experience heralds pioneering implementation of newly unveiled AR effects for the Messenger platform

    SAN JOSE, California, May 1, 2018 —ASUS today announced it will offer new augmented-reality (AR) product experiences on Facebook Messenger. Users can now 'virtually unbox' the latest ASUS devices, starting with the ZenFone 5 family, using AR effects in the Messenger Platform. These new additions to the Messenger Platform were launched today during the annual F8 conference in San Jose, California.

    “We are honored to be a part of the beta program and one of the first smartphone brands to launch product content for the new AR effects on the Messenger Platform,” said ASUS Global Marketing Head, Marcel Campos. “The new platform allows us to take our Messenger conversations to the next level and make them even more engaging by offering new AR content, starting with our new ZenFone 5 smartphones. From our products to marketing campaigns and communication channels, we ensure all aspects of our business are designed around the end user. We want them to constantly have access to innovations that will improve their user experience and knowledge of our latest products.”

    “We’re thrilled that ASUS has built an experience on Messenger for its latest ZenFone 5 smartphones using our new AR effects,” said Messenger Product Manager Heath Black. “Having access to AR content will allow our Messenger users to get a whole new wealth of product information through a virtual unboxing experience. We look forward to seeing our partners continue to develop unique AR content for their Messenger communications, and fostering more engaging conversations with people on Messenger.” ASUS has been utilizing the Messenger Platform to interact with the public during campaigns and events in engaging, new ways. It provides a convenient, direct and instant communication window between ASUS and all of its users, no matter their location.

    How to find ASUS content on Messenger AR

    1.Open Messenger

    2.Search for 'ASUS chat bot'

    3.Start a conversation with ASUS

    4.Select 'Experience ZenFone 5'