ASUS Transformer Book TX300 Screen Protector

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    Touch, view, and enjoy with greater freedom!

    • Premium materials stop scratches and fingerprint smudges
    • Designed to keep displays bright and crisp without interference
    • Blocks glare and reflections - great if you prefer matte screens!
    • Self-adhesive, reusable, removable, and consistent to prevent air bubbles
    • Perfect for extending the life and peak visual quality of your mobile devices

      With five fine layers of premium and carefully-selected materials, the easy-application screen protector guards against fingerprints, scratches, and other damage to display panels on mobile devices. It also doubles as matte layering should you prefer non-reflective viewing, and is designed to maintain brightness and clarity levels without compromise. It’s extra-easy to apply, and uses reusable adhesion so you can put it on and remove it as you choose!

      Highly transmittance
      UV coating
      Bubble free
      Smooth scrolling
      Easy application