Zenfone 4 Battery Charger

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    Easily extend your battery life

    • Do you carry an extra battery in your bag? With the ASUS Battery Charger, you can make sure it is always fully charged.
    • The battery charger’s svelte dimensions mean it barely takes up any space when you’re away on long trips.
    • Convenient and portable – it quickly and safely recharges your phone’s battery.
    • Using a micro USB interface, it limits the number of cables you need to carry. Use your ASUS smartphone cable and plug it into the battery charger using the micro USB interface and then attach it to your ASUS notebook or a USB plug.
    • Charge your relatives’ and friends’ battery! The battery charger is compatible with all ASUS ZenFone 4 models and also with the ASUS PadFone mini’s battery.
    • Non-slip design ensures it’s secure when left alone.
      Product Image

      Easily extend your battery life

      A compact charger that enables you to charge your battery quickly and conveniently.

      Express your Attitude with colorful mobility

      Developed with the Zen philosophy in mind, ZenFone also knows what you need. The ZenFone family comes with a wide range of accessories, designed to protect your phone and improve your experience, perfectly combining style and durability. Tough but very tactile materials let the ZenFone accessories protect and perfectly accompany your device.