PadFone mini (PF451CL)

    Converge your mobile life.

    Meet PadFone mini (PF451CL), the unique ASUS design innovation that combines everything you love about your smartphone and tablet in one transformable device.

    Convergence is convenience

    PadFone mini (PF451CL) is the one-of-a-kind smart device that enables effortless convergence – your smartphone and tablet combined. Only PadFone mini lets you transform the screen size to fit what you’re doing right now!

    Your lifestyle matched

    PadFone mini’s compact, transforming design with 4G (LTE) connectivity and a micro-SD slot is perfect for travel — enjoy super-fast online experiences and storage that grows with your content!


    Ready for the real world

    With a swift-action docking mechanism, PadFone mini transforms between smartphone and tablet instantly. ASUS engineers worked for three years to perfect PadFone mini Station, ensuring the smartphone is secure no matter how you use it!

    PadFone mini (PF451CL) is a 4.5-inch LTE smartphone that becomes a 7-inch HD tablet the moment it’s docked to the companion PadFone mini Station — and exclusive DynamicDisplay technology instantly formats apps to fit!

    Instant transition

    Padfone mini’s two-in-one transformable design eliminates tedious syncing between smartphone and tablet. Movies, music and photos pick up right where you left them, so transition between devices is seamless it is fast!

    One smartphone,
    one tablet,
    one data plan

    PadFone mini Station uses the smartphone’s SIM card, so forget syncing and the expense of dual data plans — PadFone mini is the only smart device you need to carry!

    Perfect performance, without compromises

    PadFone mini (PF451CL) makes everything you do faster, smoother and easier, with a multi-core processor to handle multiple tasks easily. PadFone mini’s batteries have serious stamina, while the 4G technology keeps you connected at top speed!

    Work and play with Intel Inside®

    2X2 Intel multi-core processing power

    The 1.6GHz 2X2 Intel® Atom™ multi-core Z2560 processor with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology perfectly balances performance and power efficiency, so PadFone mini (PF451CL) is smooth and responsive today — and ready for tomorrow’s next-generation apps!

    Blazing-fast connectivity anytime, anywhere

    PadFone mini (PF451CL) has built-in 4G (LTE) connectivity, so you enjoy high-speed data transfers for fast and smooth entertainment!

    Extended Battery Life

    PadFone mini Station’s own battery is able to fully recharge the smartphone virtually eliminating worries about finding a mains outlet. At last — flexibility, convenience and all-day power are yours!

    Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

    PadFone mini’s display is made with latest Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance™ technology for new levels of toughness — and that means scratch-resistance that’s up to ten times (10X) better than traditional display glass!


    PixelMaster is a unique ASUS-developed technology that combines software, hardware and optical expertise to capture incredible image quality — every time!

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    Audio Wizard

    PadFone mini’s Audio Wizard lets you create your own audio experience with five different audio modes (Music, Movies, Games, Speech and Recording), expertly tweaked by our audio engineers to for the very best sound reproduction!

    Turn complications into simplicity

    ASUS ZenUI is the sublime interface that makes every aspect of PadFone mini a joy to use. It understands your needs to organize your life. ASUS ZenUI What’s Next puts upcoming appointments, new messages and missed calls right in front of you, and Do It Later lets you focus on the most important tasks. PadFone mini eliminates complication, allowing you to enjoy more of your wonderful life! Learn More >

    Accessorize your PadFone mini experience

    Your PadFone mini deserves the best protection. We’ve created the perfect range accessories, cleverly designed to keep PadFone mini looking great and make it even easier to use!

    PadFone mini Side Flip Cover

    Our fashionable and durable Side Flip Cover protects PadFone mini’s screen to minimize scratches, scrapes and dents. The soft microfiber inner cover and durable polyurethane outer cover offer maximum protection, and Side Flip Cover even slips easily into the PadFone mini Station — so no need to remove it!

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    PadFone mini Station TriCover

    Our foldable TriCover supports PadFone mini Station in two different landscape orientations — perfect for watching movies, hands-free reading or typing!

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