ZenFone A400CXG


    An uncompromising attitude to the pursuit of perfection

    With a focus on creating the best experience for consumers, ASUS strives to find the perfect balance between technology and design.

    Simple, practical and innovative -
    ASUS ZenFone A400CXG

    ZenFone A400CXG ZenFone A400CXG
    Reddot Award 2014 Winner

    Brand Spirit

    ZenFone is the perfect combination of technology and style. It not only helps to organize your busy life, but also understands your demands, releases you from life's stresses and allows you focus on more important things. With ZenFone, you can enjoy yourself by expressing and sharing your knowledge with those that matter most to you.

    ZenFone A400CXG

    Design Concept

    Inspired by the classic ASUS ZenBook design, ZenFone Series includes the iconic concentric circle finish to give it a timeless look and feel.

    Through precise CNC milling with 45° diamond cuts at a 0.13mm pitch, ZenFone's finish has an unparalleled fine texture. The back cover is anodized seven ways to create an unconventional metal colored finish.

    ZenFone A400CXG

    Color DIY

    Change the color, change
    the mood

    ZenFone A400CXG colors are from comfort and energy. The white of a cloud, the black of a vinyl record, the yellow of early morning sun, the red of a girl’s new ribbon, and the blue of a shimmering lake. Together they render a peaceful pastime, one that lingers as a special ordinary day.

    ZenFone A400CXG Shadow ZenFone A400CXG Black ZenFone A400CXG White ZenFone A400CXG Red ZenFone A400CXG Blue ZenFone A400CXG Yellow
    Zen UI

    Turn complexity into simplicity

    ZenUI uses intelligence technology, the personal attitude, and the better life. No need of complicated thought and process, you can enjoy your wonderful life.

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