Extreme Contrast, Astonishing Realism

HDR – Enjoy Lifelike Colors

High dynamic range (HDR) displays provide a wider luminance range compared to standard dynamic range (SDR) displays for brighter whites and darker blacks as well as more accurate, vibrant colors and better contrast. With colors that are closer to what the human eye perceives, HDR provides more lifelike and immersive movie viewing, gaming and content-creation experiences.

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Dynamically Local Dimming Technology

ASUS ProArt displays offer Dynamically Local Dimming technology that allows fine-grained increases in the contrast ratio from a direct backlight. Individually controllable dimming further highlights the subtle differences between dark and light hues, delivering vivid HDR performance.

  • Conventional monitor

  • Local Dimming Monitor

Boosted Brightness with Mini LEDs

The very best LED-backlit LCDs employ a technology called full-array local dimming that arranges LEDs in zones corresponding to parts of the screen to improve contrast ratios. The LEDs are also individually dimming, making it possible to display an image with bright and dark areas while preserving detail in both.

Mini LEDs can be arranged more densely due to their small size, increasing the granularity of brightness control on the display. Less space between the LEDs enables precise illumination of small details, such as a white cursor on a black background. A higher number of smaller LEDs also minimizes halo effects normally caused by light bleed around bright points common with coarser LED arrays.

Mini LED

OLED Panel for True Blacks

Organic light emitting diodes (OLED) use an organic compound to emit light. By emitting light themselves, OLEDs do not need backlighting, enabling deeper blacks and higher contrast ratios.

  • OLED

    Ultra-Thin and Light Weight
    Superb Picture Quality and Color Accuracy
    Fast Response Time
    Perfect Jet-Black
  • LCD

ASUS Smart HDR Technology

ASUS ProArt HDR displays feature ASUS Smart HDR Technology, which supports multiple high dynamic range (HDR) formats and multiple perceptual quantizer (PQ) curves to suit content creators’ specific requirements. Dolby Vision HDR is cinema-inspired HDR technology that transforms the viewing experience, delivering billions of colors for ultravivid images with incredible brightness, contrast and color to expand content creators’ storytelling possibilities.

HDR-10 support – including support for PQ Hard Clip, PQ Optimized and PQ Basic curves – ensures compatibility with existing streaming services and a growing list of HDR-enabled games to cover all content creators’ needs. A hybrid log gamma (HLG) preset allows users to both immerse themselves in and create material for broadcast and satellite TV platforms, such as the BBC iPlayer, Japan NHK TV, and DirecTV.

Leading HDR Performance Certifications

ASUS Professional HDR displays have both Ultra HD Premium and VESA DisplayHDR certifications – the industry standards for HDR. Designed to enhance the contrast between the brightest and darkest parts of an image, HDR technology delivers exceptional onscreen clarity and detail. With these leading certifications, ASUS displays ensure the best HDR performance for work, gaming and home entertainment.

  • Specifications may vary by model