Automated pharmacy dispensing systems powered by ASUS industrial motherboards

    Our customer is a manufacturer who specializes in pharmaceutical storage and dispensing systems. They are able to scale and setup specific systems depending on their customers’ needs, offering solutions that are highly customized and often have to adhere to spatial constraints.

    One of their key products is a compact and flexible automated dispensing system for pharmacies. It stores the medication, providing a proper control and tracking distribution system at point of care centers like clinics and hospitals.

    The ASUS Q370I-IM-A R2.0 industrial motherboard was selected to power the system. The motherboard is able to meet the demands of the system, providing stable and reliable performance that allows the dispensing system to operate smoothly. The motherboard also allows for it to be managed and maintained remotely.

    Why choose ASUS?
    - Standard 7-year warranty, extendable to 10 years
    - High performance – quick data processing
    - Enables remote maintenance and machine health check
    - Backward compatibility
    - DC input, with no extra ATX PSU required. Voltage can be supplied from the power rails for the mechanical hardware
    - Extremely reliable – any issue with the controls could result in business losses
    - Meets the high expectations of customers